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    A GPS Vehicle Tracking System Displayed on a Google-Map-Based Web
    (University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, 2010) ;
    University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce. School of Engineering
    Nowadays, vehicles are essential to transport products or goods in many organizations or firms, but there are many problems of using the vehicles for their business such as the delay of the deliveries, driving out of paths, or even stealing oil and products. This project proposes the vehicle tracking system using a GPS technology module to receive the location of the vehicle and to forward into microcontroller and to connect internet by the GPRS technology for displaying a real time on the website map developed by Google Map which allows inspection of vehicles at all times. There are 3 parts of this project. The first part is a program developed in C language for controlling the hardware. Employing PHP and AJAX language will be developed for the Google Map API to help a map construction on the website. The second part is the hardware, there are the GPS and GPRS modules, the GPS module will locate the vehicles via the satellite, and the GPRS module will assemble all data and send it to the website by the microcontroller. The final part is the interface using RS232 for connecting between the GPS and GPRS modules. With the Google Map on a real time website, vehicles can be monitored and located very effectively. This includes paths and/or vehicles directions. However, the small error is at approximately 15 meters in the wrong location.
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    An Analysis and Evaluation of Transportation Services: Case Study of the UTCC’s Staffs Transportation
    (University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, 2007) ; ;
    University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce. School of Engineering
    Vehicle routing problem is one of the most important issues that need to be overcome. By transporting people or products from one place to another place, we need to plan a vehicle routing systematically so that transportation cost and time can be reduced. This research project uses sweep algorithm and 2 opt exchange as a classical heuristics to solve the vehicle routing problem of an exemplary case of transportation management at the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, Bangkok, Thailand. The main objective of the sweep algorithm is to assort pick-up and drop-off points by consideration a coordination (X, Y) being plotted in a map. On the other hand, the second method (the 2 opt exchange) is one of the improvement heuristics methods that is used to investigate how to switch pick-up and drop-off points resulting in a reduction of routing number and transportation time. The benefit of this project is to develop a simulation of the vehicle routing of Bus Scannia and Bus BMC in order to maximize a number of university employees using these buses. Furthermore, the research may benefit from the development of the vehicle routing simulation that can be used in a scope of logistics system in which products is conveyed with low cost of transportation and high customer satisfaction.
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    Analysis and Design of Thermoelectric Heating System by Electro-thermal Model
    (University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, 2007) ;
    School of Engineering
    University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce. School of Engineering
    This research was aimed at designing of utilization graphic diagram for a thermoelectricheating and simulating of operation this system by electro-thermal model, which same as indesigning and simulating of a transistor amplifier. In the design phase, the graphic diagram wassimulated by PSPICE program using an electro-thermal model. In system, the heat load can beselected for designing and determining the heat exchanger value of cold side in this graphicdiagram. The temperature and heat load at about cold and hot side for operation of the system atdesign could be simulated by electro-thermal model. The performance of the prototype system fordesigning and simulating was evaluated the using Melcor, CP 1.4-127-045L and varied thecurrent input and heat exchanger at cold and hot side of the system. The results are close to thesimulation of operation of this system.
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    Analysis the Performance of RPX based on Wireless Networks
    (University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, 2006) ;
    University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce. School of Engineering
    As the limited IPv4 address space has made the cellular industry that decided to start using IPv6 for the mobile users in 3G-network. However, there is a potential threatto the success of 3G-network deployment, as the success will depend on the services offering to the end users. These services all reside in the current IPv4 address space,which make them inaccessible to the users that will reside in the IPv6 address space. Previous studies on network address translation have shown that the REBEKAH-IP with Port Extension, RPX is promising in that it provides excellent scalability and also supports all types of services without limitation for the mobile users in cellular network.In this paper, we propose a method that enables to evaluate and improve the performance of RPX scheme in terms of scalability and number of public IPv4 addresses utilization. Firstly, we provide a mathematical model as a guideline todetermine the range of public IPv4 addresses allocated to an RPX gateway in a cellular network. We then show architecture of RPX to incorporate with the base station of each cellular network. Therefore, RPX is able to detect the number ofmobile users’ handoff for leaving its coverage area, while the handoff detection used by RPX can be improved the scalability and the number of IPv4 addresses utilization. In addition, we present all results on the practical scalability of RPX through the mathematical analysis and simulations.
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    Development of Paperless Multiple Choice Answer Sheet and Management System
    (University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, 2004) ; ;
    University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce. School of Engineering
    This research is aimed to study and develop a process that substitute hardcopy-answersheetsusing with OMR computer, along with to develop an examination database systemand paperless electronic answer sheets for education institutes. A technology that issuitable, easy-to-use, low maintenance, low cost per sheet and flexible to use than an oldstyle computer-answer-sheet is chosen. From a research of (Nonglak, 2544), ImageProcessing Technology has been used for checking images of multiple choice answersheets with accurate results. Not only is cost per an answer sheet of this technology lowsince the answer sheet can be produced from a low quality paper with a general printer butalso storage cost because the answer sheets can be recorded as image files and storedwith electronic media such as CD-RW, DVD-RW. This research develops software, based onNonlak’s research, for designing, checking the computer–answer-sheet which is able to printout from a multifunction and general printer and develops a data collecting system whichcan store and search back promptly. From testing result, efficiency of Nonblank’s method isdecreased when using an auto-feed scanner, due to image distortion which is happenedbecause of unstable straight down force of rollers of the scanner feeder and unable to use acompensating angle method for the whole paper. Therefore, an independent searching andanalyzing circle area of answer technique is developed. The technique is increasingaccuracy, but decreasing processing time. The technique and software, developed in thisresearch, can be applied to using in education institutes both primary and secondary levelby working with general equipments in order to replace the OMR answer sheet.
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