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Title: Development of Grinding Machine by Utilizing Human Factors to Reduce Accidents
Authors: Laptaned, Ungul 
Yiangkamolsing, Chana 
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
Source: Ungul Laptaned, Chana Yiangkamolsing (2007) Development of Grinding Machine by Utilizing Human Factors to Reduce Accidents.
Abstract: Nowadays, accidents can be occurred in any markets that sell diary products. When the accidents takes place, an operator may be exposed to injury or even loss body parts such as finger, hand, arm, etc. The causes that develop accidents easily may result from an appropriate feature of the grinding machine used for grinding job. Developing an appropriate grinding machine, designing an appropriate job condition, or an accurate job attribution could reduce a degree of accidents that may occur to an operator. This research paper investigates anthropometric data that can be useful for designing the grinding machine. An ineffective grinding machine is one of the major issues that lead to a number of occurred injuries. The study presented here develops a safety guard inserted in a new grinding machine by using human anthropometric data including female and male’s hand circumference and length of lower arm and hand. Moreover, the anthropometric data includes body height, sitting height, or knee height. The objective of this research study is to design the safety guard used by the operators in which the guard is developed based on a concept of anthropometry. The results indicated that 97% of a sampling population satisfied with the new safety guard because a high reduction of accidents. According to human injury, 88% was satisfactory because no injury occurred after completing grinding work. Furthermore, the opinions from the operator by using a questionnaire lead to a conclusion as follows: 1) safety guard is highly efficient and appropriate for grinding work, 2) no injury happened after using the safety guard, and 3) feeder is easy to use. This research study is expected that adjusting the current grinding machine and developing the safety guard would reduce a risk of the grinding machine utilization. A number of accidents taken place from an inappropriate design of the grinding machine would result in human injury and lost body parts.
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