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Title: The Factors Affecting Saving in Thailand
Authors: Sahanantporn, Sutinee
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
Source: Sutinee Sahanantporn (2012) The Factors Affecting Saving in Thailand.
Saving is one of the most important thing which causes the economic growthcontinuously. In the past, saving was at low level due to many financial institutions had nopolicy or motivation to activate saving from various sectors in the economic system or did notextremely collect domestic saving . Besides, the savers’ income were at low level and some ofthe pattern of saving in the past favorably keep in the form of gold. Since gold was sign ofgreat social status and high liquidity . After Thailand was affected from the economic andfinancial crisis in 1997. From 2010, trend of saving in Thailand seem to be gradually higher andthe pattern of saving or there are more alternative method of saving also such as depositmoney in the financial institutions , buying various bonds , buying life insurance and investing inthe mutual fund. The objective of this research is to study the factors affecting saving in Thailandespecially after the economic and financial crisis in 1997 by creating Multiple regression modeland Ordinary Least Squares(OLS) to estimate the coefficients of independent variablesincluding Gross Domestic Product after tax, commercial banks’ average interest rate per quarter for time deposit and inflation rate. The data in this research is secondary data. This study uses time series every quarters from first quarter in 2000 to first quarter in 2012, total 49 quarters. The study finds that after the economic and financial crisis in 1997, Gross Domestic Product after tax in the past quarter and commercial banks’ average interest rate per quarter fortime deposit have correlation with saving in Thailand in the same direction, but the inflation rate has correlation with saving in Thailand in the opposite direction.
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