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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Management and Knowledge Management Regarding the Bird Flu in Thailand: Department of Livestock Development, Ministry of Agriculture and CooperativesPensrisawan, Willika 
2005Market Research and Strategic Management of Fermented Milk Product of Advance Milk Products Co., Ltd.Sukhaneskul, Juthamart 
2008Marketing Communication of "Sufficient Economy" Businesses: Case Studies of Chumphon Cabana Resort and Comsaed River Kwai ResortRodsomboon, Akkrawat 
2009Opportunity &Profitability of SET50 Index Futures Arbitrage TradingSatthayanukarn, Kanitsak 
1996Opportunity for Thai Investment in Mining Industry in the Lao People Democratic RepublicBoonyaprabhatsara, Pasit 
2011Optimizing Inventory Management of Porgara Auto Co., Ltd.Jindabunjerd, Thanakorn 
2011Optimizing Logistics of Maintenance Company: A Case Study of ABC Co., Ltd.Mingquanta, Mongkol 
2011Optimizing Procurement for Business Competitiveness: A Case Study of NS Air StoreThanacholnan, Sirapak 
2011Optimizing Services and Strategic Management of the Workforce to Suit the Workload: A Case Study of the X-ray Department of A Private HospitalPrasert, Aree 
2011Optimizing Small Business Enterprises (SMEs): A Case Study of Phra Duang Thammawisut Shelf FactoryLitakorn, Worapoj 
2011Optimizing the Delivery of Tiffin Carrier to Customers in the Thonburi DistrictNantwutikun, Sunanta 
2012Optimizing the Internal Control of the Purchasing and Inventory System: A Case Study of Suan Dusit Rice Mills Co., Ltd.Suporn, Nittaya 
2007Perceived Impacts of Service Marketing Factors on Customer Satisfaction of Chinese Tourists to ThailandLumpoopinijpong, Nichaphat 
2011Planning of a New Plant: A Case Study of XYZ Co., Ltd.Kuntanarumitkul, Sutee 
2011Potential Development Guidelines for Paper Sales Business: A Case Study of Siamkamonake Co., Ltd.Tulaporn, Rittichai 
1990Problem of Production And Marketing of Thai Artificial Flowers For ExportVudhichamnong, Jitchanok 
2011Problems and Analytic Approach in Optimizing Manufacturing Process in Corrugated Packaging Business: A Case Study of AAA Co., Ltd.Wongpieang, Wisarut 
2011Problems and Strategic Solutions in the Procurement of Spare Parts: A Case Study of ABC Chemical Co., Ltd.Nontasut, Thanaporn 
2011Problems and Strategy Formulation in Optimizing the Delivery of Documents by Messengers: A Case Study of Leo Global Logistics Co., Ltd.Srimaneemongkol, Wimonthip 
2011Proposed Strategies for Optimizing Work Performance of Teachers: A Case Study of Wat Nong Thongsai School, Nakhonnayok Educational Service Area OfficeWongyadang, Phentiwa