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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013Teaching Introductory Probability on the iPadSaneha, Wilaiporn 
22010Confidence Intervals for Autoregressive Parameter in AR(1) with Outliers by Improved Recursive Median OLS Estimatorลักขณา เศาธยะนันทน์ ; ยุพิน กาญจนะศักดิ์ดา ; บุญหญิง สมร่าง ; สุณี ทวีสกุลวัชระ 
32014How to Present Qualitative Data Using iPadสุณี ทวีสกุลวัชระ 
42014What Do We Obtain from Residual Analysis in Regression?ยุพิน กาญจนะศักดิ์ดา 
52013A Comparison of Forecasting Models for the Monthly Consumer Price Index: Box-Jenkins' and Exponential Smoothing ModelsHatchavanich, Doungporn 
62009A Comparison of One-Step-Ahead Prediction Methods for First-Order Autoregressive Model with OutliersPanichkitkosolkul, Wararit ; Niwitpong, Suparat 
72013Multi-Level Analysis as Applied in Educational ResearchSuacamram, Mayuree ; Lila, Somsak 
82012A Comparison of the Efficiency of Multiple Regression, Ridge Regression, Logistic Regression and Linear Discriminant Analysis for Classifying Binary OutcomesHatchavanich, Doungporn 
92008Determining the Optimal Component Numbers in Factor Analysis by Parallel Analysis MethodLateh, Afifi 
102010A Comparison of Population Estimates Using Nonresponse Unit Weighting Adjustment Methods: Raking and PoststratificationHatchavanich, Doungporn