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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12007Managing a Cost Reduction of the Computer Network for Retail's Business by Using the Ospf ProtocolVongmanee, Varin 
22012The Simple Embedded System for Three–PhaseSolar Motor Pump Using Volt/HertzMaximum Power Point Tracking TechniqueWaiprib, Auttawut; ณัฐพร ฤทธิ์นุ่ม 
320122-D Ablated Plasma Production Process for Pulsed Ion Beam-Solid Target InteractionRungsirathana, Thanat; Rungsetthaphat, Vorathit ; Azuma, Shogo; Harada, Nobuhiro
42014A strategy to enhance converter continuous current mode in PV MPPT system under low solar irradiance situationKasem Utaikaifa 
52007A Cost Reduced Solutions of Dragon Fruits Supply Chain to Increase Business Competitive AdvantageKhumphant, Thanongsak; Vongmanee, Varin ; วันชัย รัตนวงษ์ 
62010A Design and Development of a Prototype of Electronic Multiple Choice Examination Systemณัฐพร ฤทธิ์นุ่ม 
72012DTC of Three-phase PM BLAC Motor having One Phase Open-circuitFault with Current Model Flux EstimatorKasem Utaikaifa 
82012The Embedded Control System for the Coin Sorting and Counting in Wireless Donation Box ApplicationWaiprib, Auttawut; ณัฐพร ฤทธิ์นุ่ม 
92010Acceleration effect of swirl flow for disk MHD acceleratorTakeshita, S. ; Buttapeng, C. 
102010Characteristics of plasma produced by MHD technology and its application to propulsion systemsTakeshita, S. ; Buttapeng, C. ; Harada, N.