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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12010The SCOR Model Application to Performance Evaluation of Plastic Recycle Manufacturing: Case Study of Plastic Recycles Manufacturingเสาวนิตย์ จันทนโรจน์ 
22010The Concept of a Green Supply Chain for Sustainable Developmentเสาวนิตย์ จันทนโรจน์ 
32010Perspective Taking: Social Development Leading to Conventional Behaviorดุลยา จิตตะยโศธร 
42009A Study on Readiness and Adjustment ofthe Thai Logistics Service Provider Sectorfor Liberalization of Trade Services:A Case Study of Thai Freight ForwardingCompaniesTheppitak, Taweesak 
52010Case Study of Thailand’s Ceramic Industry: Introducing 7-S’s Mc Kinsey Model Management Systemประทานพร โสภาจิตต์วัฒนะ 
62013Profitability and Liquidity ofRice Mill Businesses in Thailandอรฤดี ศรีธราพิพัฒน์ 
72008Sex Roles: A Psychological Perspectiveดุลยา จิตตะยโศธร 
82013The Concept of Qualitative Research/Case Study Researchนภวรรณ คณานุรักษ์ 
92013Robust Method to Identify Vehicleson Thermal Images at Nightอภิวัฒน์ แสงโนรี 
102009Sufficiency Economy: Opening of the Social Space with Discourse Analysisพนารัช ปรีดากรณ์ ; Wongsuwan, Nared