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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12005Marketing Logistics: Opportunities and LimitationsVadhanasindhu, Penthip ; อังกูร ลาภธเนศ 
22007Improving Efficiency of Material Requirement Planning and Safety Stock: A Case Study of Creative Machatronics Co., Ltd.Thongma, Chantana ; อังกูร ลาภธเนศ 
32007Problems and Strategy Formulation in Maximizing the Efficiency in the Delivery of Merchandise: A Case Study of Inter Packaging Co., Ltd.Rattanathaworn, Wirachin ; อังกูร ลาภธเนศ 
42007Development of Grinding Machine by Utilizing Human Factors to Reduce Accidentsอังกูร ลาภธเนศ ; ชนะ เยี่ยงกมลสิงค์ 
52010A Feasibility Study of Developing One-Stop-Service Inland Container Depot: A Case Study of Kerry Siam Seaport, Co., Ltd.อังกูร ลาภธเนศ 
62006Infrastructure and Layout Design for Phitsanulok’s Logistics Center: The Junction of North-South and East-West Economics Corridorอังกูร ลาภธเนศ ; วันชัย รัตนวงษ์ 
72007Developing a Tree Stem Small Grinding Car by Considering Ergonomic and Anthropometryอังกูร ลาภธเนศ 
82006Developing a Small Garbage Disposal Car for Thai Industryอังกูร ลาภธเนศ 
92007The Study of the Failures of On-time Delivery and in Formulating Strategies to Develop Suitable Workflow: A Case Study of KKK Co., Ltd.Kongmon, Siriorn ; อังกูร ลาภธเนศ 
102011Supply Chain Management cost analysis: A case study of bioethanol production from cassava in ThailandDiopenes, R.G. ; อังกูร ลาภธเนศ