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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12014Classification of electromyogram using vertical visibility algorithm with support vector machineArtameeyanant, P. ; Sultornsanee, S. ; Chamnongthai, Kosin ; Higuchi, K. 
22013Phase synchronization based minimum spanning trees for the analysis and visualization of currency exchange marketsSultornsanee, S. ; Duvvuru, A. ; Radhakrishnan, S. ; Chowdhary, ็H.; Kamarthi, S. 
32014Insitu work piece surface roughness estimation in turningKamarthi, S. ; Sultornsanee, S. ; Zeid, A.
42011Phase synchronization approach to construction and analysis of stock correlation networkSultornsanee, S. ; Radhakrishnan, S. 
52012Undercovering research trends: Network analysis of keywords in scholarly articlesDuvvuru, A. ; Kamarthi, S. ; Sultornsanee, S. 
62013Analyzing structural &temporal characteristics of keyword system in academic research articlesDuvvuru, A. ; Radhakrishnan, S. ; More, D.; Kamarthi, S. ; Sultornsanee, S. 
72011Classification of electromyogram using recurrence quantification analysisSultornsanee, S. ; Zeid, I. ; Kamarthi, S. 
82016Phase synchronization based minimum spanning trees for analysis of financial time series with nonlinear correlationsRadhakrishnan, S. ; Duvvuru, A. ; Sultornsanee, S. ; Kamarthi, S.