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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12009Purification and Characterization of Cysteine Proteinase from Some Vegetables and fruitsรัชนี ไสยประจง ; สุรพงษ์ พินิจกลาง ; Ratanakhanokchai, Khanok 
21999Properties of Flour from Durian Seeds and Its Applicationสิรินาถ ตัณฑเกษม 
32009Knowledge and Understanding in Computer Related Crime Act B.E 2550 (2007) of Graduated Information Technology Students in Private Universities in Bangkokชฎารัตน์ พิพัฒนนันท์ ; สิริธร เจริญรัตน์ 
42006Chemical Composition and Physico-Chemical Properties of Chinese Water Chestnut (Eleocharisdulcis Trin.) Flour and StarchRujirapisit, Panid 
52006Analysis of Cadmium Content in Cephalopod for ExportingSangkaeo, Witchuda 
62013A Study of Phenolic Extract Mouthwash from Mango Seed KernelMaisuthisakul, Pitchaon 
72013Improving the Communication Performance of Distributed Animation Rendering Using BitTorrent File SystemNamfon Assawamekin ; Kijsipongse, Ekasit 
82006Comparison of Statistical Techniques for Forecasting Stock - Price Movementsบุญหญิง สมร่าง 
91997Improvement in Production of Low-fat Pork Sausage, Minced and Preserved Pork and Chicken Products (Moo yo and Kai yo) Made With Konjac Flourอดิศักดิ์ เอกโสวรรณ 
102007Discovering Business Object Pattern (BOP) Using Integrating Ontologies Library: Tourism and Travel Business Object Pattern DomainSiricharoen, W.V. 
112013Purification and Characterization of α-amylase from Some FruitsLuangborisut, Pornchai ; Sittikityotin, Patcharee 
122008Object-Oriented Developing System for Seminar Book Management Case study: Computer Science Seminar BookSukwilai, Areewan 
132013Socio-Economic Household Data Analysis Using the Clustering and Association Technique for Data Miningชฎารัตน์ พิพัฒนนันท์ ; สิริธร เจริญรัตน์ ; Mongkolsripattana, Sasithorn 
142013Influence of Konjac Flour on Characteristics of Milk and Egg White Proteins in Model Systems and Application in Gluten-free Muffinsอดิศักดิ์ เอกโสวรรณ 
152007Purification and Characterization of Serine Proteinase from Alkaliphilic Bacillus sp. RS1รัชนี ไสยประจง ; สุรพงษ์ พินิจกลาง ; Ratanakhanokchai, Khanok 
162009The Use of Pra Seed (Elateriospermum tapos Bl.) in Combination with Maltodextrin as Fat Substitute in Ice Creamอัญชัน ชุณหะหิรัณย์ 
172011Microencapsulation of Extract from Mango Seed Kernel WasteMaisuthisakul, Pitchaon 
182005Properties of Tomato Seed Meal and Its ApplicationEkthamasut, Kamontip 
192011Physico-chemical and Functional Properties of Bambara Groundnut Flour and Its ApplicationsEkthamasut, Kamontip 
202007Evaluation of Konjac Flour and Soy Protein Isolate on Physicochemical Properties of Native Starches and Its Applicationอดิศักดิ์ เอกโสวรรณ 
212013Mutation Operators for OCL SpecificationsPanuchart Bunyakiati 
222009Knowledge and Interest in Computer Related Offences of Undergraduate Computer Science Students in Private Universities in Bangkokสิริธร เจริญรัตน์ ; ชฎารัตน์ พิพัฒนนันท์ 
232007Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Activity of Some Thai Medicinal Plantsธีรวุฒิ หวังอำนวยพร ; รัชนี ไสยประจง 
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