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12008A Match of X-ray Teeth Films Using Image Processing Based on Special Features of TeethKiattisin, Supaporn ; Leelasantitham, Adisorn ; Chamnongthai, Kosin ; Higuchi, Kohji 
22007A Cost Reduced Solutions of Dragon Fruits Supply Chain to Increase Business Competitive AdvantageKhumphant, Thanongsak ; Vongmanee, Varin ; Rattanawong, Wanchai 
32010Effect of Demand Patterns and Ordering Policy on the Effectiveness of Information Sharing on Retail Supply ChainWatanarawee, Kasina ; Baramichai, Manisra 
42008Using the McKinsey 7-S Model for the Strategy Formulation and Implementation: Case Study in Ceramic Industry in ThailandAdsavakulchai, S. ; Sopajitwattana, P. ; Kanchanasuntorn, K. 
52010Developing Free Zone Warehouse for Business Competitiveness in Thailand: A Work-In-Progress Feasibility StudyLaptaned, Ungul 
62008Improving Effectiveness of Hospital Services via Resource Rearrangement:Pranakorn Sri Ayutthaya Hospital, ThailandInnet, Supachate 
72010Effective Utilization of the Special-purpose VehicleAmornsawadwatana, Sataporn 
82010Remote Control of a Motor Vehicle and Theft PreventionSuaysom, I. ; Adsavakulchai, S. 
92007Development of an Ultraviolet Exposure Machine for the Printed Circuit Board Fabrication IndustryTunwannarux, Amon 
102008A Detection of DNA Fingerprint Using ImageProcessing Based on Medical KnowledgeKiattisin, Supaporn ; Leelasantitham, Adisorn 
112010A Simulation of 6R Industrial Articulated Robot Using Neural NetworkManigpan, Supachoke ; Kiattisin, Supaporn ; Leelasantitham, Adisorn 
122010Determination and Analysis of Inventory Policies for Time-varying DemandProblem Applied on Continuous Probability Distributed DemandKanchanasuntorn, K. ; Neawdong, M. ; Yodsuwa, S. 
132008A Repair of a Tibia Fracture for Internal Fixation with Open Intramedullary Using 3D Computer Graphic AnimationLeelasantitham, Adisorn 
142010A Feasibility Study of Developing One-Stop-Service Inland Container Depot: A Case Study of Kerry Siam Seaport, Co., Ltd.Laptaned, Ungul 
152007Design of a 5-Joint Mechanical Arm with User-friendly Control ProgramTunwannarux, Amon ; Tunwannarux, Supanunt 
162007The CEO Mission II, Rescue Robot with Multi-Joint Mechanical ArmTunwannarux, Amon ; Tunwannarux, Supanunt 
172007The Project Feasibility Study of Briquetted Coal from Corncob Coal and Coconut CoalYiangkamolsing, Chana ; Osothsilp, Napassavong 
182007Green Logistics Affecting the Involvement of Households in Recycling and Reuse of Plastics, Phnom Penh, CambodiaHeng, Navy ; Laptaned, Ungul 
192007Optimizing Traffic Signal Timing Decisions Using SimulationChiyakat, Chinatach ; Visayadamrong, Chalermchon ; Kanchanasuntorn, Kanchana 
202007An Approximate Net Profit Model for a Fixed-life Perishable Product in a Two-echelon Inventory SystemKanchanasuntorn, Kanchana ; Techanitisawad, Anulark 
212007LCIB: Assessing the Impact of Energy Crop on Biodiversity Using Systems Dynamic ModellingAdsavakulchai, S. ; Li, L. ; Chan, A. 
222007Simulation - Optimization TechniqueKanchanasuntorn, Kanchana 
232007Supply Management Problems: A ReviewKripunyapong, R. ; Shayan, E. ; Ghotb, F. 
242007Problems and Strategy Formulation in Maximizing the Efficiency in the Delivery of Merchandise: A Case Study of Inter Packaging Co., Ltd.Rattanathaworn, Wirachin ; Laptaned, Ungul 
252007Supply Chain Management for Enhanced Competition in Dragon Fruits BusinessKhumphant, Thanongsak ; Rattanawong, Wanchai 
262007Agile Supply Chain Transformation Matrix: A QFD-based Tool for Improving Enterprise AgilityBaramichai, Manisra ; Jr., Emory W. Zimmers, ; Marangos, Charalambos A. 
272007Numerical Simulation of the Dynamic Breakage Testing of Sandstone, Part I: Development of Homogeneous Constitutive Model for the Fragmentation Analysis in SandstoneVanichkobchinda, P. ; Reddish, D. ; Stace, L. ; Whittles, D. 
282007Evaluation of the Logistics Cost and Performance Measurement for Thai Property Service Industry: A Case Study of Oakwood Service ApartmentSutthiwongsaard, Sirintip ; Laptaned, Ungul ; Heng, Navy 
292007Advanced Supply Chain Management in Automotive IndustrySuthikarnnarunai, Nanthi ; Uttamais, Siwanus ; Yiangkamolsing, Chana ; Ibarra, Gerard 
302007Improving Railway Freight Transportation System: A Key Step in Realising National Intermodal Development PolicyVanichkobchinda, Pongtana 
312007Developing a Tree Stem Small Grinding Car for the Bangkok Metropolitan AdministrationLaptaned, Ungul 
322007Transportation Cost Reduction for Herbal Product Distribution: A Case study in Prachinburi ProvinceKanchanasuntorn, Kanchana ; Maisopha, C. ; Chancharoen, P. ; Singhawiboon, W. 
332007Development and Evaluation of a Resource-based Supply Chain Positioning Methodology for SMEsLim, Roland ; Chandraprakaikul, Watcharavee ; Baines, Tim 
342007Success Factors in a Forming Strategic Positioning of Manufacturing Operations Within Global Supply ChainsChandraprakaikul, Watcharavee ; Baines, Tim ; Lim, Roland (Yan Guan) ; Sakburanapech, Araya 
352007Developing a Tree Stem Small Grinding Car by Considering Ergonomic and AnthropometryLaptaned, Ungul 
362007Managing Non-value Adding Activities in a Supply Chain by a Product DesignAmornsawadwatana, Sataporn 
372007Improvement of Construction Operations Using SimulationAmornsawadwatana, Sataporn 
382007Improving Efficiency of Material Requirement Planning and Safety Stock: A Case Study of Creative Machatronics Co., Ltd.Thongma, Chantana ; Laptaned, Ungul 
392007The Service Expansion Potential of Railway System for Freight Transportation in ThailandVanichkobchinda, Pongtana 
402010Thailand Industrial Competitiveness: Enhancing the Logistics and Supply Chain Management Scheme for Thai’s ManufacturingPhuangchampee, Benchaporn ; Baramichai, Manisra 
412008Improved PCA &LDA-Based PersonalIdentification MethodKiattisin, Supaporn ; Nadee, Chokemongkon 
422010Mathematical Model for Predicting the Roadway-characteristics-dependent Travel Times in Rural Roads in ThailandSiriprasert, Ich ; Vanichkobchinda, Pongtana 
432010Investigation of Chest X-ray Images Based on Medical Knowledge and Balanced HistogramsTonpho, Thanatchai ; Leelasantitham, Adisorn ; Kiattisin, Supaporn 
442008Young Shrimp Detection by Using Modified Directional Wavelet CoefficientsAddthaijaroon, J. ; Kiattisin, S. ; Chiracharit, W. ; Chamnongthai, K. 
452010Using System-Dynamics-Based simulations for HIV/AIDs Prevalence in ThailandYingchareonthana, S. ; Pongwattana, T. ; Rubsrisuksakul, C. ; SaeLim, S. ; Adsavakulchai, S. 
462008Risk Assessment of Blood Lead Level from Lead Contamination in the Upper Mae-Klong Watershed, Kanchanaburi Province, ThailandAdsavakulchai, S. 
472010Effects of Transportation Cost and Lead-time on Selecting Multiple SuppliersKripunyapong, Rotchanart 
482010An Analysis Model of Merchant Discount Rate for Services of Credit Card in Commercial Bank Using Fuzzy LogicSakdanupab, Patinee ; Banthao, Davich ; Leelasantitham, Adisorn ; Kiattisin, Supaporn 
492008A Study of Performances on a Wireless Robot Based on Various Brands ofIEEE 802.11g Standard and Controlled by NotebookLeelasantitham, Adisorn 
502008Compensation Lossy Information of FetalUltrasoundKanitthakun, S. ; Kaitisin, S. ; Kumhom, P. ; Chamnongthai, K. 
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