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12013Weekly Review Vol. 2 No. 75UTCC, CEBF 
22012Consumer Confidence Index: July 2012UTCC, CEBF 
32013Corruption Situation Index: 25 July 2013UTCC, CEBF 
42008Thailand Economics Outlook 2008UTCC, CEBF 
52012Consumer Confidence Index: April 2012UTCC, CEBF 
62001Consumer Confidence Index: March 2001UTCC, CEBF 
72003Consumer Confidence Index: May 2003UTCC, CEBF 
82002Consumer Confidence Index: January 2002UTCC, CEBF 
92010Thailand Regional Economic Report and Outlook: 2nd-4th Quarters (2010)UTCC, CEBF 
101998Consumer Confidence Index: November 1998UTCC, CEBF 
112012Weekly Review Vol. 1 No. 21UTCC, CEBF 
122002Consumer Confidence Index: May 2002UTCC, CEBF 
132013Weekly Review Vol. 1 No. 32UTCC, CEBF 
142014Thailand Economics Outlook 2014UTCC, CEBF 
152012Weekly Review Vol. 1 No. 15UTCC, CEBF 
162012Weekly Review Vol. 1 No. 26UTCC, CEBF 
172013Weekly Review Vol. 1 No. 27UTCC, CEBF 
182000Consumer Confidence Index: January 2000UTCC, CEBF 
192014Weekly Review Vol. 3 No. 99UTCC, CEBF 
202014Weekly Review Vol. 3 No. 102UTCC, CEBF 
212012Weekly Review Vol. 1 No. 8UTCC, CEBF 
222014AEC Overview: Republic of IndonesiaUTCC, CEBF 
232014Weekly Review Vol. 3 No. 92UTCC, CEBF 
242013Weekly Review Vol. 1 No. 56UTCC, CEBF 
252014Weekly Review Vol. 3 No. 83UTCC, CEBF 
262013Weekly Review Vol. 1 No. 39UTCC, CEBF 
272013Weekly Review Vol. 2 No. 58UTCC, CEBF 
282002Consumer Confidence Index: August 2002UTCC, CEBF 
292014Corruption Situation Index: 16 January 2014UTCC, CEBF 
302013Weekly Review Vol. 1 No. 28UTCC, CEBF 
312012Weekly Review Vol. 1 No. 4UTCC, CEBF 
322003Thailand Economics Outlook 2003-2004UTCC, CEBF 
332014Consumer Confidence Index: May 2014UTCC, CEBF 
342013Weekly Review Vol. 1 No. 34UTCC, CEBF 
352009Thailand Economics Outlook 2009-2010 (Table)UTCC, CEBF 
362000Consumer Confidence Index: November 2000UTCC, CEBF 
372013Consumer Confidence Index: June 2003UTCC, CEBF 
382000Consumer Confidence Index: October 2000UTCC, CEBF 
392001Consumer Confidence Index: September 2001UTCC, CEBF 
402013Weekly Review Vol. 2 No. 76UTCC, CEBF 
412006Thailand Economics Outlook 2006 Under Political UncertaintyUTCC, CEBF 
422009Thailand Economics Outlook: 4th Quarter (2009) and 2010UTCC, CEBF 
432014Consumer Confidence Index: January 2014UTCC, CEBF 
442014Weekly Review Vol. 3 No. 98UTCC, CEBF 
452008Thailand Economics Outlook 2009UTCC, CEBF 
462014Weekly Review Vol. 3 No. 90UTCC, CEBF 
472013Consumer Confidence Index: May 2013UTCC, CEBF 
482013Thailand Economics Outlook: 2013 (Second Half) and 2014UTCC, CEBF 
492014Weekly Review Vol. 3 No. 101UTCC, CEBF 
501998Consumer Confidence Index: October 1998UTCC, CEBF 
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