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Title: Studying the Factors Used by Consumers in Consideration When Buying Tires for Personal Vehicle
Authors: Wongsuwan, Apiwat 
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
Source: Apiwat Wongsuwan (2010) Studying the Factors Used by Consumers in Consideration When Buying Tires for Personal Vehicle.
Abstract: The research on factors used by consumers in consideration when purchasing tires for personal vehicle aims to realize marketing mix factors which influence decision to buy new tires. The derived data will benefit to retail tire business including auto maintenance business in Kanchanaburi province in order to set strategic plan for marketing and to choose product distribution in accordance with consumers' needs. The samples used in this research were the 200 users of personal cars in ThaMaka district, Kanchanaburi province by using questionnaire as query tools for collecting data and then analyzing data with computer software package by using descriptive statistics to explain frequency, percentage, means and also using Chi-square statistics to find/determine the relationship of the data between marketing mixfactors with basic information of the people who answered the questionnaire at significant levels at 0.05. The results found that the users mostly used vehicles which were single pickup (two-door pickup). Consumer behavior in considering to purchase vehicle tires were found that the consumers had most focused on the process to evaluate the alternatives before buying tires, and the findings of each steps were as follows. The step of realizing the demand was found that the tire buyers want to buy/change tires when their tires were damaged, when it could not work anymore, when it was expired at 100,000 kilometers and when new tire model was launched respectively. The searching process was found that the resource data used by tire buyers was derived from advertising through various medias. In according with theprocess to evaluate the alternatives before buying, it was found that tire buyers have emphasized on qualification in use in every driving condition. In the decision making process for buying, it was found that most buyers have chosen tire brand called Michelin with the decision made by themselves and the results of the marketing mixed factors found that durability in use was the most influence upon goods and services factor, explicit price tag was the most influence upon pricing factor, the location/distribution center was the most influence upon factor of distribution channels and lifetime warranty in use was the most influence upon factor of marketing promotion. The marketing mixed factors which influenced upon decision making to take services of tire service center was able to be used as a guideline in running business. Regarding products and services should sell various brands of tires with reliable quality. On pricing, the goods should be sold at the prices similar to other service centers and price tags should be clearly labeled. On distribution channels, the service center should be located in community. Regarding on marketing promotion which was wheel interchange and center including discount and on physical characteristics that should have modern equipments.
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