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Title: The Factors Determining Demand for Private Loan in Thailand
Authors: Vitejonjaran, Nuttphol 
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
Source: Nuttphol Vitejonjaran (2009) The Factors Determining Demand for Private Loan in Thailand.
Abstract: Since Thailand is a developing country and investment rate has continuouslyincreased, therefore, the credit volume is increased through financial institutions. Thevolume of commercial bank loans have accounted for the highest ratio compared toother financial institutions. The commercial banks will be responsible for raising moneysavings and loans in domestic and international country which will be allocated toinvestors in the country. These investments result in the growth of national economy.The main objectives of this study are to study the factors affecting demand forprivate loans in Thailand. The data employed in this workshop is secondary databetween 1997 - 2008 collected from the related research documents and journals.These data were used for studying the relationship between the different variablesaffecting the private sector credit demand in Thailand, using complex regressionequation in order to estimate coefficients of different variables.
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