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Title: Critical Success Factors for Product Design and Development in the Thai Electronics and Computer Industry
Authors: Sasananan, Montalee 
Ketwarophart, Jirawut 
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
Source: Montalee Sasananan, Jirawut Ketwarophart (2007) Critical Success Factors for Product Design and Development in the Thai Electronics and Computer Industry.
Conference: Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Operations and Supply Chain Management 
Abstract: This article investigates the critical success factors for newproduct development in Thai Electronics Industry based ona survey of 82 companies in Thailand. The critical successfactors were synthesized by reviewing literatures andemploying the authors’ practical experience. Respondentswere asked to assess their level of commitment on theCSF’s, each of which was classified according to the sixstages of new product development: feasibility study,concept development, product planning, product andprocess engineering, market testing, and market launch. Theaim was to identify what CSF’s differentiated successfulcompanies from non-successful ones. Success measureswere created by adopting the Balanced Scorecardframework, and the scores were converted into aggregatedindexes which were used to distinguish successful and nonsuccessfulfirms. It was found that there were 54 successfulcompanies and 28 non-successful ones. The findingsrevealed that several factors distinguished among successfuland non-successful firms at significance level of 0.05. Thefindings can be used as guidelines for practicing managersto adjust their level of commitment and increase theprobability of success.
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