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Title: Supply Chain Strategies for E-Commerce Retailers: Example of the Online Grocery Industry
Authors: Apte, Uday M. 
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
Source: Uday M. Apte (2007) Supply Chain Strategies for E-Commerce Retailers: Example of the Online Grocery Industry.
Conference: Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Operations and Supply Chain Management 
Abstract: The past few years have witnessed a dramatic growth inbusiness transactions carried out using the Internet,usually referred to by the term e-Commerce. As with anyemerging phenomenon, e-Commerce is certainlyaccompanied by its share of hype, and failures of e-Commerce retailers have become far more common thantheir successes in the past few months. As we argue inthe paper, supply chain management is proving to be acritical success factor for e-Commerce retailers. Thispaper is aimed at identifying the supply chain strategiesfor e-Commerce retailers using the example of onlinegrocery, one of the most challenging segments of e-Commerce retailing. Central to the research presented inthis paper are a broad-brush study of the supply chainpractices of ten online grocers and a focused case study ofGroceryWorks, an online grocery company. The paperidentifies seven supply chain strategies that are critical forsuccess in the online grocery industry. These strategiesspan such areas as strategic alliance, managing growth,distribution strategy, transportation network, fulfillmentoperation, delivery operation, and informationarchitecture. The experience of the online groceryindustry and the lessons learned, we believe, should proveto be highly instructive for all e-Commerce retailers.
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