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Title: Development of Paperless Multiple Choice Answer Sheet and Management System
Authors: Visayadamrong, Chalermchon 
Kaewwit, Chesada 
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
Source: Chalermchon Visayadamrong, Chesada Kaewwit (2004) Development of Paperless Multiple Choice Answer Sheet and Management System.
Abstract: This research is aimed to study and develop a process that substitute hardcopy-answersheetsusing with OMR computer, along with to develop an examination database systemand paperless electronic answer sheets for education institutes. A technology that issuitable, easy-to-use, low maintenance, low cost per sheet and flexible to use than an oldstyle computer-answer-sheet is chosen. From a research of (Nonglak, 2544), ImageProcessing Technology has been used for checking images of multiple choice answersheets with accurate results. Not only is cost per an answer sheet of this technology lowsince the answer sheet can be produced from a low quality paper with a general printer butalso storage cost because the answer sheets can be recorded as image files and storedwith electronic media such as CD-RW, DVD-RW. This research develops software, based onNonlak’s research, for designing, checking the computer–answer-sheet which is able to printout from a multifunction and general printer and develops a data collecting system whichcan store and search back promptly. From testing result, efficiency of Nonblank’s method isdecreased when using an auto-feed scanner, due to image distortion which is happenedbecause of unstable straight down force of rollers of the scanner feeder and unable to use acompensating angle method for the whole paper. Therefore, an independent searching andanalyzing circle area of answer technique is developed. The technique is increasingaccuracy, but decreasing processing time. The technique and software, developed in thisresearch, can be applied to using in education institutes both primary and secondary levelby working with general equipments in order to replace the OMR answer sheet.
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