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Title: The Strategies and the Use of Humour Language in the Series Breaks of the Variety Game Show “Ching Roy Ching Laan”
Authors: Eiamutama, Thanit 
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
Source: Thanit Eiamutama (2008) The Strategies and the Use of Humour Language in the Series Breaks of the Variety Game Show “Ching Roy Ching Laan”.
Abstract: This research was conducted with the aim to study the strategies and the use of humour language in the series breaks of the variety game show “Ching Roy Ching Laan”. It was the gathering of information from various sources and the transcribing of the 130 shows into the written scripts for analysis and research writing.The research also began with the recipient-interaction test among 30 targeted viewers including the researcher and co-researchers. The purpose was to observe the interactions and to interview them in order to extract the information for the analysis. Then, the researcher used the analytical description to present the result of the research.The research results showed that the program studied had the humour-boosting strategies as follows: bullying, shifting topics, changing the moods, and emphasizing actors’ characteristics which were the outstanding humor in this study. Other interesting strategies to make the shows humorous are doing intentional mistakes, flirting and saying dirty jokes, misunderstanding, worsening the situations, copying, switching roles, giving scenes to others, being beyond the situation contexts, showing off fames, touching the audience’s mind, paralyzing, story flowing, and other strategic supports . In terms of language use, the puns are the highlighted strategy. Moreover, the non-standard language, tones of language, contrastive language, jargons, riddles, metaphors, exaggerations, skipped words, neologisms, and rhythm and pause. In conclusion, humours found in the comedy series breaks of Ching Roy Ching Laan game show were created with the uses of language as tools of communication through various strategies, suitably and accordingly.
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