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Title: Brand Building Strategy of Thai Magazine
Authors: Warapitayut, Kalan 
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
Source: Kalan Warapitayut (2007) Brand Building Strategy of Thai Magazine.
Abstract: A research of the tactic for creating the brand (logo) for Thai magazines which have theobjectives for knowledge and understanding concerning the process and procedure includingthe tactic used for creating the brand for Thai magazine in order to reach the demand of itstarget and consistent with marketing situation and current magazine competition; the resultsfrom studying and researching of this research are follows:Most magazines including Thai magazines realize and understand to create the brandbecause of high competition in magazine market. Magazine is an important media; it can makea good benefit if we compare with the investment and it is stable if we compare with othermedia. One of the tactics which have been used is to be granted a copyright from popularforeign magazine for sellingTo creating the brand of magazine, it is important for started from paying attention forworker, modern content, creating simply character of brand. One thing that can make the brandof magazine to be strong is content and one the tactic that is used for magazine is the “cover”To using the method of efficiency communication marketing which is creating specialactivity is a marketing activity which a publisher has an opportunity to meet its reader andexchange their idea in order to receive the information for developing the brand and magazineto consisting with the reader’s demandWhether Thai magazine will be successful for creating the brand or not, it depends onthree factors 1) Clearly understanding reader which most of magazine will do the research forthis factor 2) Create content to be interesting and 3) to use a suitable method of communicationmarketing.
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