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Title: A Match of X-ray Teeth Films Using Image Processing Based on Special Features of Teeth
Authors: Kiattisin, Supaporn 
Leelasantitham, Adisorn 
Chamnongthai, Kosin 
Higuchi, Kohji 
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
Source: Supaporn Kiattisin, Adisorn Leelasantitham, Kosin Chamnongthai, Kohji Higuchi (2008) A Match of X-ray Teeth Films Using Image Processing Based on Special Features of Teeth. UTCC Engineering Research Papers.
Journal: UTCC Engineering Research Papers
Abstract: This paper presents a match of X-ray teeth films using image processing based on special features of teeth.This method will help the dental doctors to match simply a pair of teeth using the special features of the teeth films.Teeth’s pictures are scanned and adjusted by a scanner and a computer, respectively, as well as then they are convertedinto binary code and decoded to the direction code (chain code). The chain code of each picture is compared with thestatistical chain code. Therefore, the percentage of the same chain code is approximately 90% (i.e. matching samepatterns) for the comparison of one root to one root (7 times) and two roots to two roots (7 times) while the percentageof the same chain code is reduced at relatively below 50% (i.e. matching different patterns) for comparison of one rootto two roots (2 times).
ISSN: 1906-1625
Rights: This work is protected by copyright. Reproduction or distribution of the work in any format is prohibited without written permission of the copyright owner.
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