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Title: Factors Influencing Employee Turnover Intention: The Case of Retail Industry in Bangkok, Thailand
Authors: Wu, Xiangping 
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
Source: Xiangping Wu (2012) Factors Influencing Employee Turnover Intention: The Case of Retail Industry in Bangkok, Thailand.
Abstract: At present retail industry in Thailand is one of the important components. TheGDP worth approximately 1.4 trillion Baht, among them, modern trade 40% andtraditional trade 60%. Thus, traditional trade is one of important parts of economic growth. The traditional trade operators consist of family stores and local street store. Normally the size of the store is small but they are being mostly operated by local family owners (Thailand Retail Industry report, 2011). The retail market was expected to grow at least 3-5% in the year 2011and provided a large number of jobs (Thailand Retail Industry report, 2011). However, in recent years, employee turnover was a major concern for many organizations today. Employee turnover rate has been continued to grow in Bangkok, Thailand. High employee turnover can have a devastating effect on a company. The employee turnover rate in Thailand was more than a 10% for several years (Bangkok Retail Market Report, 2010). It was making the managers are anxious, because the high turnover rate was not only increase thecompany's operating costs but also reduce the competitiveness of a company in the peer. However, for employees, leave from the present company was not absolute bring the benefits for them. Sometimes it is helpless of voluntary turnover. Thus, employee turnover would bring the great loss to both company and employee. The purpose of this study was to investigate the factors influencing employee turnover intention. Based on the related research, the research variables were job characteristic, job satisfaction and organizational commitment on employee turnover intention. The quantitative research methods were used and the data collected by using questionnaire to respondents. The statistical program was use to analyses demographic factor. The findings indicated that job characteristic has direct effect to job satisfaction and organizational commitment, and there had both direct and indirecteffect to employee turnover intention. The outcome of this study assisted themanagers more deeply understand the factors influencing employee turnoverintention, thus lead to more attention of the management on employee turnover.However, the results of this study also confirmed that job characteristic, jobsatisfaction and organizational can affect employee turnover intention in different degree. Therefore, managers should pay more attention on employee’s job satisfaction and organizational commitment to improve them and reduce employee turnover intention. Ensure the low cost and high competitiveness of organization.
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