The Adoption Behavior of Chinese Mobile Financial Application

Yu, Zou
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University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC)
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China has been an outstanding economic power in the world. With the high development of technology, more and more Chinese needs the money management service, who pays more attention on the mobile financial applications (APPs). The objective of the study was to investigate the adoption behavior of Chinese mobile financial applications. In this research, researcher distributed 400 questionnaires online to collect the information and evaluation from users. Section 1 with respondents’ information was analyzed by descriptive statistical analysis. Section 2 and 3 with evaluation of using APP by Five-point Likert scale, which is analyzed by descriptive statistical analysis and multiple regression analysis. Through the results of the research, performance expectancy, effort expectancy, social influence, self-efficiency, facilitating conditions have positive affections of adoption behavior of Chinese mobile financial APP. If mobile financial APP agent or developer would like to modify their APP for getting more adoption from Chinese, it would be more useful to enhance the selfefficiency perception design. Therefore, this research could be reference for Chinese mobile financial agent and developer in the app improvement. What’s more, this study also can be useful information for government policy-making. The last but not the least, the data and analysis result could be the reference for academic and researcher who are interested in relative researches.
Chinese Mobile , Financial Application , Consumer behavior , China , Artificial intelligence , Finance technological innovations
Yu Zou (2020) The Adoption Behavior of Chinese Mobile Financial Application.