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Title: Development of the Model of Foreign Student Loyalty Studying in Thailand
Authors: Wei, Shuang 
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
Source: Shuang Wei (2012) Development of the Model of Foreign Student Loyalty Studying in Thailand.
Abstract: The objectives of this study are fourfold (1) to develop the model of foreignstudent loyalty studying in Thailand, (2) to study the effect of the foreign studentexpectation on foreign student satisfaction and university reputation, (3) to study the effect of the foreign student satisfaction on university reputation and foreign student loyalty, and (4) to study the effect of the university reputation on foreign student loyalty. The conceptual framework of this study is developed from Oliver, Churchill, Surprenanr and Ajzen concept. The model is analyzed empirically by using 406 questionnaires which are collected from foreign student loyalty who visit boutique hotels in Bangkok. Linear Structural Relationship (LISREL) statistics is used to test the model. Result of the study revealed that the vast majority of foreign student respondents were male, Chinese, age between 21-25 years who studied at ABAC, in business administration faculty, hold the bachelor’s degree and most of them are studying the first year. Most of them have agreed that service quality and accommodation are the most important factors among the five factors: service quality, teacher, technology, learning environment and university accommodation. And most of them have greed level about foreign student expectation, university, and foreign student loyalty. The outcome of the empirical study discovered that each construct has significant positive direct effect on foreign student loyalty apart from foreign student expectation. Moreover, university reputation is the most important significant direct effecton foreign student loyalty equivalent 0.64.The findings of this study indicate that foreign student intent to study andintroduce friends/ Acquaintance come to study in Thailand depends on the level of student satisfied in service quality, teacher, technology, learning environment and university accommodation, and how good the university reputation that the student perceive. Universities should improving standardize, learn the exact expectations of the student and manage those well, pay attention to reputation building in other countries to attract foreign students’ interesting and know the value of the university and try their best to satisfied the foreign student satisfied then loyalty.
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