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Title: The Factors of Food Additives Exceed Bid Affect Customer’s Attitudes
Authors: Lirong, Quan 
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
Source: Quan Lirong (2012) The Factors of Food Additives Exceed Bid Affect Customer’s Attitudes.
Abstract: The aim of the research to analyze customer’s attitudes when they found the food additives exceed bid in the food after the Sanlu milk power scandal. Information and data were collected in September until October, 2012 in Nanning City, China. A total of 420 questionnaires were distributed but only 400 qualified questionnaires could be analyzed and used T-test, ANOVA and Multiple Regression. Results show a common concern among consumers about the food safety when the found food additives exceed bid after bought the food. According with the research, customer requirement quality of food is increasingly in market and customer has cognitive ability about risk perception when they bought food. Moreover, social factors, internal factors and food risk have affect to customer’s attitudes when they bought the food in the future.
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