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Title: Determinants of Customer’s Complaint Intention of Nanning’s (China) Retail Store
Authors: He, Huajuan 
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
Source: Huajuan He (2012) Determinants of Customer’s Complaint Intention of Nanning’s (China) Retail Store.
Abstract: The study aims to research determinants of customer’s complaint intention ofNanning’s (China) retail store. The main purpose of this study were to identify therelationship between the demographic, level of dissatisfaction, perceived possibility of success, attitude toward complaint with complaint intention.The customers who had previously shopping in Nanning’s retail store wasrepresented the sample of 450 respondents. The t-test , ANOVA and simple regression were used to analyzed the relationship .The finding showed that demographic has a significant relationship with complaint intention and level of dissatisfaction, perceived possibility of success and attitude toward complaint have positive relationship with complaint intention. As a whole, this research provide valuable suggestions to retail store and help them to address the key factors which influences customer complaint intention and establishing a perfect way to handle customer complaint. It also helps to improve retail store performances to meet customer needs, retain old customers, attract new customers and create more profit. And the useful data and informations in this research can also provide fellow researchers to explore customer complaint intention in other industry.
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