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Title: The Effect of Satisfaction, Website Quality, Financial Security, Trust, and Attitude on Online Re-purchase
Authors: Tangcharoensutichai, Pathompong 
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
Source: Pathompong Tangcharoensutichai (2012) The Effect of Satisfaction, Website Quality, Financial Security, Trust, and Attitude on Online Re-purchase.
Abstract: Internet has fundamentally changed the way of businesses, consumerscommunication, interact and consumer transactions in worldwide. Vendors also must face reality of the complex behavior of consumers and should consider using data and information in the online market. The objective of this research is to examine a conceptual model for analyzing customers’ perceptions of online re-purchase intention. This research identified factors influence online re-purchase intention, paying the special attention to the satisfaction with online purchase, website quality, financial security, trust, and attitude toward online purchase. This study aims to develop and validation of online re-purchase intention model. The survey was done via online channel, respondents of this survey are the internet users who have experiences on online shopping. The structural equation model (SEM) was used to measure the study throughby the LISREL 8.8 program (student version). Using questionnaire survey to collected the data. The respondents of this study were total 437 respondents, 245 were female and 192 were male. The results show that attitude toward online purchase is a major factor influence customer’s intentions to become online re-purchaser. The research model was analyzed by using the structural equation model. The result of the analysis revealed that the research model was a good fit. Base upon the threshold of the goodness-of-fit measure, the result indicated that the model was a good fit with chi-square (χ2) = 12.27 and degree of freedom (df) of 19 (p = 0.88); goodness of fit index (GFI) = 0.99; root mean square residual (RMR) = 0.0052; Standardized RMR (RMSR) = 0.0063; and root mean square error of approximation (RMSEA) = 0.00. All results of goodness of fit statistic measure have found in line with the acceptable level. In the same direction with the incremental fit measurements as AGFI, NNFI, NFI, andCFI have the value greater than 0.95. For the result above indicated that theincremental fit and parsimonious fit measure the model was a good fit.Online vendors need to adopt a customer-oriented strategy, and establish aservice-oriented mechanism for transaction processes that provide satisfactoryresolution of customer-related problems. Online vendors showing responsiveness via E-mail management system, telephone and online representatives (Lives chat), providing numerous methods for customers to contact the online vendor to get assistance is necessary to improving the quality of the online vendor’s service operation, which could prevent or minimize customers’ dissatisfaction. To respond customers’ needs, providing customers with personalized information like preferred products or services and the status of orders, and facilitating two-way communication with customers are the effective tactics. For online customers, it is the right way for a virtual service provider to express friendship or careful attention and it really has socialmeaning, which may ensure customer satisfaction and lead to increase customerre-purchase intention. In addition, attitude toward online purchase strongly significant in this model the finding of the research provides a method of implementation for the attitude toward online purchase, making consumer have trust and make them feel usefulness and ease of used while making purchase can directly increase the attitude towards online purchase intention, which has strong relationship with re-purchase intention. The efficiently demonstrate that ease of used of the website positively affect attitude of consumers towards online shopping and increased online re-purchase intentions. Perceived usefulness make customer feel usefulness of visiting the website which had affect and drive positive attitude that lead to online re-purchase intention. This meansthat more positive attitude towards on online purchase lead to higher online re-purchase intention rate. Therefore, online vendor should try to increase the positive attitude of the consumers in order to increase their re-purchase intention, which lead to increase sales of products or services via internet or specifically website. The user-friendly online store also facilitates consumers and purchase intentions.
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