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Title: A Study of Impacts and Solution Guidelines for Expedited and Delayed Jobs in Thai Plastic Industry
Authors: Chutima, Parames 
Yiangkamolsing, Chana 
Simcharoen, Chitlada 
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
Source: Parames Chutima, Chana Yiangkamolsing, Chitlada Simcharoen (2006) A Study of Impacts and Solution Guidelines for Expedited and Delayed Jobs in Thai Plastic Industry. UTCC Engineering Research Papers.
Journal: UTCC Engineering Research Papers
Abstract: The objective of the research is to identify the main factors that cause expedited and delayed jobs inThai plastic industry from the view points of customers, suppliers, and manufacturers. A realindustrial survey was performed by mailing questionnaires and conducting direct interviews withproduction managers of plastic part manufacturers. The result indicates that many factors can causeexpedited jobs including consumer, competitiveness, and engineering change. The factors that causedelayed jobs include limited storage area, capital shortage, and limited capacity of manufacturingprocess. Consequently, plastic manufacturers have to adapt the production plan to such changes, setnew due dates, and higher or over utilization of machines and workers. This also results in cash flowshortage in the situation of delayed jobs. The research also highlights the linkage between dispatchingrules that can be employed to manage expedited and delayed jobs. For examples, FASFS, EDD,OPNDD, MST, S/OPN, TWORK, LWKR, WINQ, NINQ, MOD, SLACK, and SLACK/TP can beused to alleviate the problem of due date tightness; COVERT can be used to manage the tardinesscost; and MOD and COVERT can be employed to satisfy average lateness.
ISSN: 1906-1625
Rights: This work is protected by copyright. Reproduction or distribution of the work in any format is prohibited without written permission of the copyright owner.
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