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Title: Numerical analysis of ablation plasma produced by pulsed ion beam for various solid targets
Authors: Buttapeng, C. 
Keywords: Ablation plasma;Flyer acceleration;Singlepulsedion beam;Solid targets
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Scopus
University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
Source: C. Buttapeng (2010) Numerical analysis of ablation plasma produced by pulsed ion beam for various solid targets. Vacuum Vol.84 No.5, 496-500.
Abstract: This article presents the investigation of ablation plasma characteristics for flyer acceleration when different kinds of solid target materials (Au, Ag, Cu, and Pb) are irradiated with a pulsed ion beam. A onedimensional hydrodynamic model is used in thecalculations. The Lagrangean Scheme is used to describe the ablation plasma production and the acceleration mechanism. Of the four samples, numerical results reveal that Pb is the fastest material to be evaporated and expanded. Although Pb shows the greatest amount of ablation plasma production, it produces the ablation plasma with slowest velocity. In addition, the resultsshow that the heat capacity is one of the significant factors in predicting how fast the solid targets can be evaporated to form ablation plasma.
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