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Title: Characteristics of plasma produced by MHD technology and its application to propulsion systems
Authors: Takeshita, S. 
Buttapeng, C. 
Harada, N. 
Keywords: Diskshape;Gas plasma;Magnetohydrodynamics;MHD accelerator
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Scopus
University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
Source: S. Takeshita, C. Buttapeng, N. Harada (2010) Characteristics of plasma produced by MHD technology and its application to propulsion systems. Vacuum Vol.84 No.5, 685-688.
Abstract: This paper analyzes plasma characteristics for the newly proposed concept of a closedloop MHD power generation combined cycle system, which is used as a pulsedrivenMHD accelerator to accelerate plasma to high velocity, with a nuclear plant. In this paper, since the final goal is for the space propulsion system applications, the performance of a MHD acceleration system is also analyzed by the Q1D analysis program. Results reveal that the radial velocity with the MHD effect is accelerated rapidly at the channel exit, with a calculated maximum velocity of about 4700 m/s. Consequently, specific impulse approximately 480 s and thrust of about 6550 N are estimated. The static gas temperature is evaluated at less than 600 K, while the value of about 1800 K is calculated for the stagnation gas temperature in the MHD channel.
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