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Title: Effect of thyme and lemongrass extracts on quality characteristics of Thai coconut cream dip during storage
Authors: Jariyawaranugoon, U. 
Akesowan, A. 
Keywords: Health food;Lemongrass;Plant extracts;Thai coconut cream dip;Thyme
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Scopus
University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
Source: U. Jariyawaranugoon, A. Akesowan (2010) Effect of thyme and lemongrass extracts on quality characteristics of Thai coconut cream dip during storage. Journal of Applied Sciences Research Vol.6 No.11, 1596-1602.
Abstract: This study was carried out to use liquid extracts (thyme and lemongrass) to improve shelf life of Thai coconut cream dips during 4±2°C storage. The thermal stability of these two extracts was initially studied. Physicochemical, sensory and microbiological properties of 0.1% added plant extract coconut cream dips were determined throughout 28 days of storage. It was found that both thyme and lemongrass extracts were thermally stable at 5080°C. pH values for added thyme and lemongrass extract samples were significantly decreased (p<0.05) with increasing of storage time, whereas no significant differences (p>0.05) were found for titratable acidity and firmness. The addition of these two extracts caused some sensory alterations such as flavor and taste; nevertheless, the thyme extract sample was more preferable. According to microbiological determination, the thyme extract sample was microbiologically safe for at least 28 days at 4±2°C storage as compared with that found in lemongrass extract and control samples for less than 21 and 14 days, respectively.
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