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Title: Supply Chain Management cost analysis: A case study of bioethanol production from cassava in Thailand
Authors: Diopenes, R.G. 
Laptaned, U. 
Keywords: Bioethanol;Investment;Supply chain cost
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Scopus
University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
Source: R.G. Diopenes, U. Laptaned (2011) Supply Chain Management cost analysis: A case study of bioethanol production from cassava in Thailand. International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management Vol.9 No.3, 296-314.
Journal: International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management 
Abstract: With the increasing demand of oil, each country is seeking other alternatives in fuelling their machineries, and supplying their energy while adhering to the worldwide call for environmental protection. The use of biofuels have been a trend among the fuel deficient countries due to its cheap available resources as well as it receives supports from the environmentalist group, thus bioethanol is one of the recent available sources of energy. This study will undertake the financial investment in the production of bioethanol from cassava as the raw material to be able to identify the costs involved in the supply chain of bioethanol relatedto the investment in bioethanol plant provide a financial analysis model using the supply chain costs of a bioethanol plant be able to determine the feasibility of the project of setting up a bioethanol plant using the financial instruments.
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