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Title: Historical review and present situation, problems and countermeasures of chinese schools in Thailand
Authors: Suchonvanich, J. 
Publisher: Scopus
University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
Source: J. Suchonvanich Historical review and present situation, problems and countermeasures of chinese schools in Thailand. New Horizons in Education Vol.61 No.2.
Abstract: Background: The history of Chinese schools in Thailand is more than one hundred years. After facing crisis again and again, Thai Chinese schools are enjoying a longawaited renaissance. Aims or focus of discussion: Exploration of Thai Chinese school development history; analysis of the current situation, problems and countermeasures are important for the sustainabledevelopment of the schools in the future. Arguments / comments / suggestions: Problems that affect the development of Chinese education in Thailand are learning time, learning discontinuity, teacher shortage, teacher quality, teaching materials and teaching facilities. Conclusion: There are many ways to solve the Chinese educational development problems in Thailand: 1.Treat Chinese as a first foreign language; 2. Build Chinese learning confidence in students; 3. In addition to invite more Chinese teachers from China to teach in Thailand, the teaching time should also be extended; at the same time, strengthen training for local Chinese teachers; 4. Pay attention to Chinese teachers' skills training; 5. Promote teaching materials localization; and 6. Develop modern teaching facilities and encourage Chinese teachers to create multimedia teaching tools.
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