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Title: Effects of school, family and alcohol marketing communication on alcohol use and intentions to drink among Thai students.
Authors: Kheokao, ๋J. 
Kirkgulthorn, T. 
Yingrengreung, S. 
Singhprapai, P. 
Publisher: Scopus
University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
Source: ๋J. Kheokao, T. Kirkgulthorn, S. Yingrengreung, P. Singhprapai Effects of school, family and alcohol marketing communication on alcohol use and intentions to drink among Thai students.. The Southeast Asian journal of tropical medicine and public health Vol.44 No.4, 718-726.
Abstract: This study explored effects of family, school, and marketing communications on alcohol use and intention to drink of Thai students. We conducted a survey in which 5,184 students participated. Respondents were selected randomly from school districts throughout Thailand. In this survey we measured the exposure to, reception of, and perceptions concerning alcohol marketing communication, school absenteeism and achievement, family alcohol use, students' alcohol use, and drinkingintentions. Findings indicated students' low alcohol use, moderate intention to drink, and high prevalence of family drinking. The levels of exposure and also the information receptivity to alcohol media marketing of Thai students were low. The respondents had a high level of media literacy on alcohol marketing communication. Multiple regression and focus group discussionsprovided support for the contention that there were significant effects of school achievement, absenteeism and media marketing communication on alcohol use (R2 = 14%) and intention to drink (R2 = 11%). Therefore, consideration of relevant school and alcohol policies, including monitoring of media marketing communication, will be needed.
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