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Title: Volatile components and sensory characteristics of Thai traditional fermented shrimp pastes during fermentation periods
Authors: Kleekayai, T. 
Pinitklang, S. 
Laohakunjit, N. 
Suntornsuk, W. 
Keywords: Fermented shrimp pastes;GCMS;Quantitative descriptive analysis;Solidphasemicroextraction;Volatile compounds
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Journal of Food Science and Technology
University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
Source: T. Kleekayai, S. Pinitklang, N. Laohakunjit, W. Suntornsuk (2016) Volatile components and sensory characteristics of Thai traditional fermented shrimp pastes during fermentation periods. Journal of Food Science and Technology, 1-12.
Abstract: Headspacevolatile components and sensory characteristics, including color, Maillard reaction products and free amino acid profiles, of two types of Thai traditionalfermented shrimp paste, Kapi Ta Dam and Kapi Ta Deang, were investigated during the fermentation periods up to 6 months. The results showed that the colors of bothproducts were changed with a decrease in CIELAB values over the fermentation period, except for yellowness of Kapi Ta Deang. Essential amino acids such as lysine andleucine and nonessential amino acids such as glutamic acid and alanine were found to be predominant freeaminoacids in the products. After headspace volatilecomponent extraction of the product was carried out using a SPME fiber coated with DVB/CAR/PDMS and analyzed by GCMS, the main compounds responsible for distinctvolatiles in the products were Ncontaining compounds, especially pyrazines which give roasted nutty odor. The results of sensory evaluation from panelists also suggestthat fermentation period had an effect on sensory characteristics of the fermented shrimp pastes. Moreover, the sensory perceptions of the products would associate with their color, the Maillard reaction products, amino acid profiles and volatile compounds.
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