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Title: The Image of Thai Business Peopleand the Presentations of their Images asPortrayed in Biographical Features
Authors: Phongarak, Suree 
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Chulalongkorn University Printing House
University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
Source: Suree Phongarak (2011) The Image of Thai Business Peopleand the Presentations of their Images asPortrayed in Biographical Features. University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce Journal Vol.31 No.4.
Journal: University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce Journal 
Abstract: This research aims to study and analyze the images of Thai business people’s andthe creation of these images, together with the writing techniques and language useas appears in biographical features. Twenty published books related to biography orautobiographies of Thai entrepreneurs or chief executive officers of large businessorganizations are the subjects used in the study.The research reveals that the images of Thai business persons can be categorizedinto two main aspects: personal qualifications and human relations. Most of thequalifications of these Thai business persons presented in the books are positive.In terms of the strategies used to create these images, the findings reveal that theauthors used the following techniques: narration of true stories, praise based on thewriters’ point of view, praise offered by others in various situations, repetition of thesubject’s good qualifications, and narration of the turning points in their lives.In terms of forms and elements of the writing, the authors chose to write in the formof prose to narrate the stories, which were divided into chapters. Each book consistsof 4 main parts: title, introduction, content, and conclusion.Regarding the language use, the findings show that the authors used both verbal andnon-verbal language. For the verbal language, semi-formal language was used withcarefully selected word choice and idiomatic expressions. As for the non-verballanguage, pictures were inserted relative to the stories. Photographs were used most,followed by comics and drawings.
ISSN: 0125-2437
Rights: This work is protected by copyright. Reproduction or distribution of the work in any format is prohibited without written permission of the copyright owner.
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