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Title: Estimation of Manpower and Manpower Qualifications of Thai Commercial Banks
Authors: Pongsangson, Penpun 
Issue Date: 1995
Publisher: University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
Source: Penpun Pongsangson (1995) Estimation of Manpower and Manpower Qualifications of Thai Commercial Banks.
Abstract: A study on Estimation of manpower and manpower qualifications of Thai commercial banks was aimed to estimate of manpower by factors that determine the number of manpowers and the study was divided according to size of bank and the whole bank system. A study was covered manpower qualifications. A study on estimation of manpower used second data to analyze with stepwise method to build the suitable model for forecasting the number of manpowers during the years 1994-1998. The model composed of factors that impact on number of manpowers. They were economic growth, expansion of banking business, profitability, employee benefits, job resignation, technology and manpower productivity. Those factors were replaced by proxy variables. Result of the study showed the factors that determined the numbers of manpower required by the large size Thai commercial banks were number of branches, number of resigned employees and manpower productivity, the medium size Thai commercial banks were number of branches, number of ATM's and manpower productivity. The small size Thai commercial banks were gross domestic products, number of branches, and manpower productivity. The whole banking system were number of resigned employees and manpower productivity. The model showed number of manpower according to size of banks and the whole banking system increased in a diminishing rate. Proxy variables showed the same direction with the required number of manpowers, except the manpower productivity and ATM's Manpower productivity variable and ATM's variable were considered the major factors. A study of manpower qualifications used primary data they were collected by qualified questionnaire from 233 samples. The study showed the 12 sections of whole bank system required primary qualification regardless of sex and school, and also required who got a bachelor degree in accounting. Suitable age should be 18-25. The other four qualifications were academic, interpersonal skills and self-development, personalities, and work performance and career development. These qualifications were required by the 12 sections of whole bank system and interpersonal skill was a first priority. These four qualifications were broken down in 53 items, and honesty was the best item.
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