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Title: Local Textile Patterns: From Household to Business Sections
Authors: Jitchinakul, Khanitta 
Issue Date: Aug-2011
Publisher: University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
Source: Khanitta Jitchinakul (2011-08) Local Textile Patterns: From Household to Business Sections.
Abstract: The research entitled “Local Textile: From Household to Business Sections” aims to investigate the uniqueness of the local textile patterns in the upper-central region and the local textile patterns from household to business sectors.Only the local textile patterns produced in Pitsanulok, Sukothai, Pichit, and Utaradit were used as the subjects of this study through observation, interview, written record, and photographing.The findings can be summarized as follows:1. Regarding the uniqueness of the local textile patterns produced in the upper-central region of Thailand, the findings are as follows:1.1 Pitsanulok’s Local Textile – The unique pattern of Pitsanulok’s local textiles is ‘Dok Peep’ and it is mainly produced in Ban Muang Hom, Wang Thong District and in Ban Na Muang, Chart Trakarn District.1.2 Sukhothai’s Local Textile – There are 9 unique patterns of Sukothai’s local textiles as follows: Lai Krua Noi, Lai Krua Klang, Lai Krua Yai, Lai Si Kho, Lai Paed Kho, Lai Sibsong Nuai Tad, Lai Dok Mon Sib Hok, Lai Nam Ang, and Lai Song Thong. These patterns are mainly produced in Tambon Hartsiew, Sristchanalai district; consequently, these textiles are so called ‘Pha Sin Tin Jok’. 1.3 Pichit’s Local Textile – The unique patterns of Pichit’s local textiles are ‘Lai Pao Bun Chin’, ‘Lai Kha Pia’, ‘Lai Boran’, and ‘Lai Krajib’. These patterns are mainly produced in Baan Paa Daeng, Tapanhin District.1.4 Utaradit’s Local Textile – The unique patterns of Utaradit’s local textiles are ‘Lai Kao Pan Korn’, ‘Lai Phya nak’, and ‘Lai Pukao’. What makes Ban Kok Tong’s Tin Jok distinctive from the others is that more patterns like Kho Sorn, Toey Koh, and Cherng Phya Nak. These patterns are mainly produced in Baan Kok Tong, Faak Taa district.2. Regarding the development of local textile from household to business sectors, the findings are as follows:2.1 Pitsanulok’s Local Textile – Pitsanulok’s local textile with ‘Lai Dok 2.2 Sukhothai’s Local Textile – Sukhothai’s Tin Jok with its old patterns is recognized as one of the province’s famous OTOP local textile products. 2.3 Pichit’s Local Textile –Pichit’s local textile has its distinctive patterns like Pao Bun Chin, Kha Pia, Boran and Krajib. 2.4 Utaradit’s Local Textile – ‘Pha Sin Tin Jok’ is Utaradit’s the most famous Tin Jok comes from Ban Kok Tong, Fak Tha District. The textiles with ‘Lai Kao Pan Korn’, ‘Lai Pan korn’, ‘Lai Phya Nak’, and ‘Lao Pukao’ are highly demanded.
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