Conference Materials

Principles of Simulation Modelling for International Supply Networks   [2007]

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Optimal Inventory Redistribution Integrated with Lateral Transshipments and Emergency Orders   [2007]

Chartniyom, Siradej ; Luong, Lee ; Marian, Romeo ; Lee, Moon-Kyu 

OR Practice on Logistics Management in Taiwan: An Industry View   [2007]

Wu, Yen Chun ; Huang, I. Chin 

A Study on ERP System Accertance Based on Technology Acceptance Model   [2007]

Govindaraju, Rajesri ; Indriany, Nenny 

Enterprise Systems Implementation: Managing Project and Post Project Stage - Case Study in an Indonesian Company   [2007]

Govindaraju, Rajesri ; Bruijn, Erik-Joost de ; Fisscher, Olaf M.