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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12005Assessment of a 20 kWp GCPVS in Ratchaburi, ThailandWaewsak, Jompob ; Seinksanor, S. ; วันชัย ฉิมฉวี ; Chindaruksa, Sirinuch 
22005Controlling Investigation of Thermoelectric Cooling system by Characteristics and Load Line Diagramวันชัย ฉิมฉวี 
32005Feasibility Study of Using Agriculture Waste as Desiccant for Air Conditioning SystemKhedari, J. ; Rawangkul, R. ; วันชัย ฉิมฉวี ; Hirunlabh, J. ; Watanasungsuit, A. 
42005Maximum Power Point Tracking Inverter without a DC/DC Converter for Solar Water PumpWaiprib, Sauan ; Vongmanee, Varin ; Innet, Supachate ; วันชัย ฉิมฉวี 
52005Monitoring of 20 kW Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System in Phitsanulok, ThailandKangwankit, Seree ; Siriwat, Siriwanna ; Chindaruksa, Sirinuch ; วันชัย ฉิมฉวี ; Waewsak, Jompob 
62005Simple Controlling System of Wave Temperature Generating by Thermoelectric Modulesวันชัย ฉิมฉวี 
72006The Field Oriented Compensation by the Controlling Program for the MPPT and Variable DC Voltage Bus InverterWaiprib, Sauan ; วันชัย ฉิมฉวี 
82012Waste Heat Analysis of Small Gasoline Engine using Electrical Methodologyวันชัย ฉิมฉวี