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Full Name
Mayuree Srikulwong
Vernacular Name
มยุรี ศรีกุลวงศ์
Srikulwong, M.
Srikulwong, Mayuree
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Office Address
School of Science and Technology, University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce,
M. Srikulwong has earned her PhD in Computer Science from University of Bath, United Kingdom. Her thesis proposes the principles for the design and development of tactile pedestrian navigation systems. Currently, she is a lecturer in: 1. Computer Science at the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC); 2. Social Communication Innovation at Srinakrinwirot University (SWU) and Ramkhamhaeng University (RU); and 3. Business Process Management at King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL). She is an Apple Certified Professional Learning Provider; she deploys Education 3.0 and hybrid learning approaches using Apple technologies for her teaching. Additionally, she is an Alibaba Certified Global E-commerce Talent Trainer providing B2B online commerce training services to Thai and CLMV SMEs. Currently she runs a digital solution company, Digital Black Knight, and works as a chief product officer of eTouch, an Alibaba authorized channel partner. With her diverse expertise, she serves as a member of: The Thai Chamber of Commerce’s Creative Digital Economy Committee; The Higher Education Commission’s Human Capital Planning and Development for Digital Economy Subcommittee; and Thailand Professional Qualification Institute’s E-marketing Qualification Committee.

Previously, she has worked as a part-time lecturer for several Thai Universities, both public and private, and a community trainer for young Thais and school teachers, lecturing in computer and technology related subjects. At the University of Bath, she has worked as a department tutor and a lecturer for undergraduate and master courses and participated in a variety of extra curriculums and social activities. In addition to her research expertise in Human Computer Interaction, she has had diverse experiences and knowledge in a range of industries through programmer, analyst and manager roles in the area of enterprise resource planning system (SAP and ABAP) for 11 years.

She is an energetic, open, and inspiring multipotentialite.
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Human Computer Interaction
Ubiquitous and Mobile Computing
Tactile Interaction
Tactile Navigation
Pedestrian Navigation
Social Networks
E-Commerce and Social Commerce
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Mass and Social Communication
UX design
Computer Science
Classroom research
Communication Technology
Education Technology
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