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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Tamarind kernel powder, gum arabic and maltodextrin as a novel combination for encapsulating agents of phenolicantioxidantsMaisuthisakul, Pitchaon 
2013Teaching Introductory Probability on the iPadSaneha, Wilaiporn 
2013Teaching Techniques for Modern Learning AgePanuchart Bunyakiati ; Leecharoen, Benjawan 
8-Jun-2018Technical Efficiency in Public District Hospital in VietnamBinh, Lam Thi 
2010Technical Efficiency of Agricultural Production in Thailand: The Distance Function Approachภูมิฐาน รังคกูลนุวัฒน์ 
2007Technical Efficiency of Thailand Commercial Banks: Output Distance Function Approachภูมิฐาน รังคกูลนุวัฒน์ ; Wang, H. Holly 
2007Technical Training and Supply Chain ManagementAzad, A. ; Narashiman, K. 
2007Test of the Fama French Three Factor Model in Stock Exchange of Thailand in Energy SectorSrimarksuk, Manatsanan 
2550Test of the Fama French three factor model in Stock Exchange of Thailand in energy sector = การทดสอบแบบจําลอง Fama - French three factor model ในตลาดหลักทรัพย์แห่งประเทศไทย ในกลุ่มพลังงาน / Manatsanan Srimarksuk.Srimarksuk., Manatsanan 
2013Thai Business Preparations under the 2011-2015 ASEAN Strategic Plan of TourismChiarakul, Tanyamai 
2008Thai Commercial Banks' Quality of Earnings and Operating Efficiencyอรฤดี ศรีธราพิพัฒน์ 
2006Thai Consumption Behavior of State Lottery – Underground LotteryThairungroj, Sauwanee ; Potong, Preeda ; Ruktham, Watit 
2011Thai Cooperative StructureHatchavanich, Doungporn ; Chalapirom, Bancha 
2010Thai Gems and Jewelry Industries Census ProjectThammaruaksa, Sugunlaya ; Saneha, Wilaiporn ; Apirajkamol, Sudarat 
2011Thai Higher Education Institutes Clusteringand Quality DevelopmentThanapongsathorn, Wuttichai ; Sookvaree, Ekathip 
2006Thai Politics in the Context of PlutocracyThanasthit, Uraiwan 
2010Thai State-Owned Enterprises and TradeCompetition: A Case Study of theTelecommunications BusinessBunaramrueang, Piyabutr 
2012Thai Students’ English Proficiency and the New World of AECพรพรรณ บุญพัฒนาภรณ์ 
2009Thai TV Drama Script Writing: Creation Process and TechniquesSangchai, Naraporn 
2010Thai youths and global warming: Media information, awareness, and lifestyle activitiesChokriensukchai, K. ; Tamang, R.