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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Quality assessment of reducedcalorie Thai mung bean marzipan made with erythritolsucralose blend and soy milkอดิศักดิ์ เอกโสวรรณ ; อัญชัน ชุณหะหิรัณย์ 
2008Quality Assessment of Thai Waxes with HerbsSittijityothin, Patcharee
2010Quality characteristics of light pork burgers fortified with soy protein isolateอดิศักดิ์ เอกโสวรรณ 
2012Quality Culture in HigherEducation InstitutionsTongsamsi, Isara
2010Quality Development Conceptual Framework of Rice Quality ModelChaiwongkiat, Chotima ; มณิสรา บารมีชัย 
2007Quality of Earnings and Operating Efficiency of Thai Commercial Banksอรฤดี ศรีธราพิพัฒน์ 
1998Quality of Life of Thai People, A Socio-Economic Analysis Comparision with Each Province and Region, 1996Luengnimitrmas, Maitree
2011Quality of light celery mayonnaises with erythritolsucralose replacementอัญชัน ชุณหะหิรัณย์ ; อดิศักดิ์ เอกโสวรรณ 
2013Quality of light pork sausages containing konjac flour improved by texturizing ingredientsอดิศักดิ์ เอกโสวรรณ 
2009Quality of reducedfat chiffon cakes prepared with erythritolsucralose as replacement for sugarอดิศักดิ์ เอกโสวรรณ 
2013R& versus output subsidies in mixed marketsDusanee Kesavayuth ; Vasileios Zikos 
2012R&, human capital, fertility, and growthTournemaine, F. ; Luangaram, P.
2007Ranking Operations Management ConferencesSteenhuis, Harm-Jan ; Bruijn, Erik J. de; Gupta, Sushil
2008Ranking the Efficiency of Thai Commercial BanksPasunon, Prasopchai; Lateh, Afifi
2007Re-Occurrence in Planning: Foundational Principles and Lessons Learned From ItNugroho, Setyo 
2013Reading and Buying Books Behaviors of Undergraduate StudentsPanuchart Bunyakiati ; Leecharoen, Benjawan 
2010Reading Strategies and Factors Affecting the Use of Such Strategies of Thai EFL English Majors Enrolled in Public and Private Universities in the Bangkok Metropolitan Areaณุวีร์ ชมพูชาติ 
2012Reading Strategies and Factors Affectingthe Use of Such Strategies by Thai EFLEnglish Majors Enrolled in Public andPrivate Universities in the BangkokMetropolitan Areaณุวีร์ ชมพูชาติ 
2014Recommendation systems for software engineering: A survey from software development life cycle phase perspectivePakdeetrakulwong, U. ; Wongthongtham, P.; Siricharoen, W.V. 
2007Reducing Transportation Cost in Raw Milk Collection Using GIS ApplicationRitvirool, Apichai ; Ratanachote, Po-ngarm