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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Phase synchronization based minimum spanning trees for the analysis and visualization of currency exchange marketsSultornsanee, S. ; Duvvuru, A. ; Radhakrishnan, S. ; Chowdhary, ็H. ; Kamarthi, S. 
2011Photostability of mango seed kernel extract and its encapsulated productMaisuthisakul, Pitchaon 
2009Physical and Sensory Characteristics ofHigh Fiber Frankfurter Sausage Enrichedwith Bacteria CelluloseSangkaeo, Witchuda 
2011Physico-chemical and Functional Properties of Bambara Groundnut Flour and Its ApplicationsEkthamasut, Kamontip 
2011Planning of a New Plant: A Case Study of XYZ Co., Ltd.Kuntanarumitkul, Sutee 
2005Point to Point Distance Measurement Using Ultrasonic for Excellent StickPalee, Rabin ; ศุภเชษฐ์ อินทร์เนตร ; Chamnongthai, Kosin ; Eurviriyanukul, Chaiyong 
2006Point to point Distance Measurement Using Ultrasonic for Excellent StickPalee, Rabin ; Innet, Supachate 
2015Political economy of agritourism initiatives in ThailandNiorn Srisomyong ; Meyer, D. 
2010Political Poems during the Period of Ex-Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s GovernmentLimlertsathian, Poramaporn 
2008Post-Privatization Organization Ownership Structure and Performanceวรรณรพี บานชื่นวิจิตร 
2011Potential Development Guidelines for Paper Sales Business: A Case Study of Siamkamonake Co., Ltd.Tulaporn, Rittichai 
2007Prediction of Product Design and Development Success Using Artificial Neural NetworkBuranajun, Prathana ; Sasananan, Montalee ; Sasananan, Setta 
2547Preferred conflict management styles in the modern trade industry in Thailand = การจัดการเรื่องความขัดแย้งในองค์กรที่ถูกเลือกมาใช้สําหรับธุรกิจค้าปลีกแนวใหม่ในประเทศไทย / Thomas E. Fernandez-Freercks.E., Fernandez-Freercks, Thomas 
2009Preparation and Characteristics of Activated Carbons from Coffee Residue by Chemical Activation MethodLaowachirasuwan, Katsiri 
2012Price convergence in US cities: A cointegration approach with two structural breaksภูมิฐาน รังคกูลนุวัฒน์ ; Morshed, A.K.M. Mahbub ; Wang, H. Holly ; Ahn, S.K. 
2007Price Discount for a Closed-loop Supply Chain Coordination Policy with Remanufacturing and Price Sensitive Demand for Deteriorating ItemsChung, S.L. ; Wee, H.M. ; Yang, P.C. 
Mar-2016Price or Quantity? A New Irrelevance Result for Mixed MarketsDusanee Kesavayuth ; Vasileios Zikos 
2012Pricing Knowledge and Funding Research of New Technology Sectors in a Growth ModelChantrel, E. ; Grimaud, A. ; Tournemaine, F. 
2013Principles and Concepts of Urban SufficiencySirijanusorn, Arun 
2008Principles of Copyright Law and Some Legal Aspects of Copyright via the Internet: Comparative Studies of the U.S. and Thai LawsVathitphund, Thipsurang