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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Managing a Cost Reduction of the Computer Network for Retail's Business by Using the Ospf ProtocolVongmanee, Varin 
2006Managing Non-value Adding Activities in a Project: A Small Building Construction Project in ThailandSataporn Amornsawadwatana 
2007Managing Non-value Adding Activities in a Supply Chain by a Product DesignSataporn Amornsawadwatana 
2007Managing Operational Risks: A Conceptual Framework for Operational Risk ManagementPitinanondha, Thitima ; Akpolat, Hasan 
2011Market Definition: Theory and Practice in the Telecommunications MarketBunaramrueang, Piyabutr 
2013Market Efficiency of the Stock Exchange of Thailandวรรณรพี บานชื่นวิจิตร ; Choochuen, Sunisa 
2005Market Research and Strategic Management of Fermented Milk Product of Advance Milk Products Co., Ltd.Sukhaneskul, Juthamart 
2008Marketing Communication of "Sufficient Economy" Businesses: Case Studies of Chumphon Cabana Resort and Comsaed River Kwai ResortRodsomboon, Akkrawat 
2005Marketing Logistics: Opportunities and LimitationsVadhanasindhu, Penthip ; อังกูร ลาภธเนศ 
2008Marketing Scope in the Development of an International Marketing ProgramChitakornkijsil, Pranee 
2010Marketing Value for Happiness ofAlternative Lifestyle Consumersอัศน์อุไร เตชะสวัสดิ์ 
2008Mathematical Model and Simulation forMultiple Complex SystemsLeenawong, Chartchai ; Maneechai, Sutitar 
2010Mathematical Model for Predicting the Roadway-characteristics-dependent Travel Times in Rural Roads in ThailandSiriprasert, Ich ; Vanichkobchinda, Pongtana 
2011MATLAB/SimulinkStudy of the Effect from Noise Signalto X-Ray Tube Control System in DynamicOperation Using MATLAB/SimulinkAddoddorn, Chaiporn 
2007Max-Min Ant System for Assembly Line Balancing ProblemKriengkorakot, Nuchsara ; Pianthong, Nalin ; Pitakaso, Rapeepan 
2007Maximize Value of Mobile Telephone Parts From Reverse LogisticBisalyaputra, K. ; Tukrakay, S. 
2005Maximum Power Point Tracking Inverter without a DC/DC Converter for Solar Water PumpWaiprib, Sauan ; Vongmanee, Varin ; Innet, Supachate ; วันชัย ฉิมฉวี 
2010Measurement of Productivity Changes in Agricultural Products of the Southern Provinces Using Malmquist IndexSrihiran, Kwanjai ; ภูมิฐาน รังคกูลนุวัฒน์ 
2012Measures a Relationship between a Service Quality Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty of Fast Food Outlet of Pingo Outlet, South AfricaVongkamphu, Yosita 
2007Measuring Performance of Supply Chain with Scor Model: E-Logistics AspectKhemavuk, Premporn ; Hasan, Maruf