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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Leadership Role for Producing Professional Employeesนภวรรณ คณานุรักษ์ 
2010Lean Manufacturing to Lean AccountingSittichoksakunchai, Pichet 
2011Learning and Knowledge Management on Community Enterprise in Rong-Kho Community,Po-Yai Sub-district, Varinchumrab District, Ubol-Ratchathani Province.อุสา สุทธิสาคร 
2006Legal Problems Concerning the Prostitution in Massage ParlourSomran, Pongthon 
Aug-2011Local Textile Patterns: From Household to Business SectionsJitchinakul, Khanitta 
2012Local Vision on the Permanent Existence of a Popular Floating Market Nowadaysเรือนแก้ว ภัทรานุประวัติ 
2011Locating Sites and Suitable Number of Distribution Centers: A Case Study of Yum Restaurants International (Thailand) Co., Ltd.Saechau, Jintana 
2005Locating Suitable Size of Parking Space for Parking FreightSuwanno, Tarapong ; Kiatsupapong, Sarote ; รจนาฎ ไกรปัญญาพงศ์ ; วันชัย รัตนวงษ์ ; ชนะ เยี่ยงกมลสิงค์ 
2007Logistic Network Analysis for Stochastic Supply and Demand of Used ProductsKiran, Mutha Akshay ; Pokharel, Shaligram 
2005Logistics Costs Evaluation in Building Construction ProjectSataporn Amornsawadwatana 
2011Logistics Management and Cost Reduction: A Case Study of Essilor Distribution (Thailand) CompanyInto, Kalnika 
2005Logistics Model for the Central Service Center at the Indo-China IntersectionVongmanee, Varin ; วันชัย รัตนวงษ์ ; Tongkaew, Santi 
2011Management and Knowledge Management Regarding the Bird Flu in Thailand: Department of Livestock Development, Ministry of Agriculture and CooperativesPensrisawan, Willika 
2012Management Model for Logistics Operations of Thailand's Palm Oil IndustryKerdpitak, Chayanan ; Tienthai, Jutha ; Budsaba, Kamon ; อังกูร ลาภธเนศ 
2008Management of Thai Firms in the New Millennium for SustainabilityTaulananda, Ajva 
2007Managing a Cost Reduction of the Computer Network for Retail's Business by Using The OSPF ProtocalVongmanee, Varin 
2007Managing a Cost Reduction of the Computer Network for Retail's Business by Using the Ospf ProtocolVongmanee, Varin 
2006Managing Non-value Adding Activities in a Project: A Small Building Construction Project in ThailandSataporn Amornsawadwatana 
2007Managing Non-value Adding Activities in a Supply Chain by a Product DesignSataporn Amornsawadwatana 
2007Managing Operational Risks: A Conceptual Framework for Operational Risk ManagementPitinanondha, Thitima ; Akpolat, Hasan