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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Knowledge Management and Characteristicsin Communities of Practice in OrganicFarmingGlinubol, Chalat 
2009Knowledge Management Outcomes of Bank Branches in ThailandYoopetch, Chanin 
2011Knowledge management; Multiperspective software development; Ontology; Requirements traceabilityChardsutthi, P. ; Achariyasombat, K. ; สุวรรณี อัศวกุลชัย 
2009Knowledge of Computer Related Offences among Undergraduate Computer Science Students in Bangkok Private Universitiesสิริธร เจริญรัตน์ ; ชฎารัตน์ พิพัฒนนันท์ 
2013Language Usage for the Front Page Headline of Newspaper with Reflection of Political Violence in March–May 2010Pongpo, Soralak 
2007LCIB: Assessing the Impact of Energy Crop on Biodiversity Using Systems Dynamic Modellingสุวรรณี อัศวกุลชัย ; Li Li ; Chan, A. 
2007LDNST: A Prototype Supply Chain Simulation Tool for Evaluating the Supply Chain Distributing StrategiesAldarrat, Hatem ; Noche, Bernd 
2014Leadership in the OVOP and Similar Movements: The Comparative Study Between the OVOP Movement in Japan andOTOP Project in ThailandKemavuthanon, Suvaroj 
2011Leadership Role for Producing Professional Employeesนภวรรณ คณานุรักษ์ 
2010Lean Manufacturing to Lean AccountingSittichoksakunchai, Pichet 
2011Learning and Knowledge Management on Community Enterprise in Rong-Kho Community,Po-Yai Sub-district, Varinchumrab District, Ubol-Ratchathani Province.อุสา สุทธิสาคร 
2006Legal Problems Concerning the Prostitution in Massage ParlourSomran, Pongthon 
Aug-2011Local Textile Patterns: From Household to Business SectionsJitchinakul, Khanitta 
2012Local Vision on the Permanent Existence of a Popular Floating Market Nowadaysเรือนแก้ว ภัทรานุประวัติ 
2011Locating Sites and Suitable Number of Distribution Centers: A Case Study of Yum Restaurants International (Thailand) Co., Ltd.Saechau, Jintana 
2005Locating Suitable Size of Parking Space for Parking FreightSuwanno, Tarapong ; Kiatsupapong, Sarote ; รจนาฎ ไกรปัญญาพงศ์ ; วันชัย รัตนวงษ์ ; ชนะ เยี่ยงกมลสิงค์ 
2007Logistic Network Analysis for Stochastic Supply and Demand of Used ProductsKiran, Mutha Akshay ; Pokharel, Shaligram 
2005Logistics Costs Evaluation in Building Construction ProjectSataporn Amornsawadwatana 
2011Logistics Management and Cost Reduction: A Case Study of Essilor Distribution (Thailand) CompanyInto, Kalnika 
2005Logistics Model for the Central Service Center at the Indo-China IntersectionVongmanee, Varin ; วันชัย รัตนวงษ์ ; Tongkaew, Santi