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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Failure Analysis and Improvement of Heat Sealing Testing Methodชนะ เยี่ยงกมลสิงค์ ; Hishinuma, Kazuo 
2550Fama and French model in property development sector : the evidence from Stock Exchange of Thailand = แบบจําลอง Fama and French ในกลุ่มพัฒนาอสังหาริมทรัพย์ : กรณีศึกษาตลาดหลักทรัพย์แห่งประเทศไทย / Rathawan Limthawaranun.Limthawaranun., Rathawan 
2007Fama and French Model in Property Development Sector: The Evidence from Stock Exchange of ThailandLimthawaranun, Rathawan 
2008Family Business Companies Listed on SETภูษิต วงศ์หล่อสายชล ; วรรณรพี บานชื่นวิจิตร 
2006Feasibility of Facility Location of Distribution Center at the Indo-China Intersection, Phitsanulok ProvinceVongmanee, Varin ; วันชัย รัตนวงษ์ 
2013Feasibility study of direct communication in wireless sensor networksKhemapech, I. 
2005Feasibility Study of Using Agriculture Waste as Desiccant for Air Conditioning SystemKhedari, J. ; Rawangkul, R. ; วันชัย ฉิมฉวี ; Hirunlabh, J. ; Watanasungsuit, A. 
2013Feasibility Study to the Private Cloud Computing CRM in the Private Banking at RatchayothinJindavanich, Chatkun ; Arunthari, Santipat 
2009Festivals and Rituals of Chinese Shrines in Samutsongkhram Provinceเรือนแก้ว ภัทรานุประวัติ 
2008Finance and Information Systems: Perspective on the Cost of Higher EducationYammeesri, Jira ; Kang, Seung-Hwan 
2012Financial Management: Marketing,Corporate and Shareholder Value Creationนภวรรณ คณานุรักษ์ 
2010Financial reporting quality in international settings: A comparative study of the USA, Japan, Thailand, France and GermanyRahman, A. ; Yammeesri, Jira ; Perera, H. 
2006Finding of Relationship between Organizational Culture and Business Ethicsเอกชัย อภิศักดิ์กุล 
2012Forecast rationality and monetary policy frameworks: Evidence from UK interest rate forecastsChortareas, G. ; Boonlert Jitmaneeroj ; Wood, A. 
2010Foreign Ownership and Bank PerformanceLi Li 
2009Freezethaw stability of native starches as modified by konjac flour and soy protein isolateอดิศักดิ์ เอกโสวรรณ ; สุณี ทวีสกุลวัชระ 
2009From Editor to Blogger: The Role of Gatekeeper Which May Be Reformed?Wongthangsawat, Suphanit 
2008Fullerenes and Fullerene Derivatives in Properties and Potential ApplicationsLaowachirasuwan, Katsiri 
2011Fundamental of an AC MHD generation with singlesideexciting windingIntani, P. ; Buttapeng, C. ; Sasaki, T. ; Kikuchi, T. ; Harada, N. 
-Fundamental performance of diskshaped magnetohydrodynamics acceleratorTakeshita, S. ; Buttapeng, C. ; Furuya, S. ; Harada, N.