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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Value Chain Management for Increasing Value of Exportsin Lower Northeastern ThailandIttichinbanchon, Nontaya 
2010Value relevance and components of deferred tax assets and liabilities: Evidence from the listed companies on SET 100 in ThailandAcaranupong, Kittima 
2012Vehicular separation by thermal features' relative angle for nighttime trafficอภิวัฒน์ แสงโนรี 
2012Vehicular Separation by Thermal Features’ Relative Angle for Nighttime Trafficอภิวัฒน์ แสงโนรี 
2012Village economic accounts: Real and financial intertwinedPaweenawat, A. ; Townsend, R.M. 
2016Volatile components and sensory characteristics of Thai traditional fermented shrimp pastes during fermentation periodsKleekayai, T. ; Pinitklang, S. ; Laohakunjit, N. ; Suntornsuk, W. 
2015Volatility estimation of underlying assets for valuing low liquidity call optionsManowattanakul, R. ; Boonvorachote, T. 
2012Volunteer Spirit: A Way to Develop Self-Esteemดุลยา จิตตะยโศธร 
2015Wage consequences of rapid tertiary education expansion in a developing economy: The case of ThailandPaweenawat, S.W. ; Vechbanyongratana, J. 
2013Wagesetting institutions and R& collaboration networksFerrett, B. ; Vasileios Zikos 
2013War and Peace Discourse in English Newspapers in Thailandนฤมล จันทรศุภวงศ์ 
2011War and Peace Discourse on News about Political Conflicts: The Seizure of Don Muang and Suvarnabhumi Airports, the “Debacle” of the ASEAN Summit and the “Black Songkran” through the Eyes of English Newspapers in Thailandนฤมล จันทรศุภวงศ์ 
2011Warehouse Management for V.S. ServiceSaenglohaphand, U-Maraj 
2004Warning Signal Modeling for Real Estate DevelopmentSuwannasit, Apapun 
2012Waste Heat Analysis of Small Gasoline Engine using Electrical Methodologyวันชัย ฉิมฉวี 
2013Wearable tactile display of directions for pedestrian navigation: Comparative lab and field evaluationsMayuree Srikulwong ; Eamonn, O'Neill, 
Oct-2009Wedding Ceremony: Changes on the Business WayJitchinakul, Khanitta 
2012Weekly Review Vol. 1 No. 10UTCC, CEBF 
2012Weekly Review Vol. 1 No. 11UTCC, CEBF 
2012Weekly Review Vol. 1 No. 12UTCC, CEBF