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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Using Book Club to Scaffold Students' Reading Comprehension: A Case Study of an American Classroomณุวีร์ ชมพูชาติ 
2010Using Breadth First Search Algorithm for Automatic Car Park ManagementKasemsomporn, Pattaradej ; สุวรรณี อัศวกุลชัย ; Innet, Supachate 
2008Using Dynamic Systems Modeling For Landuse ChangeImpact on Biodiversity in Canadaสุวรรณี อัศวกุลชัย ; Minns, D. 
2007Using Geographic Information Systems for Fuel Oil Consumption Distribution in ThailandLuangsod, Benyatip ; Lerdterdsakun, Chatchai ; สุวรรณี อัศวกุลชัย ; ศุภเชษฐ์ อินทร์เนตร 
2011Using Ground Peanuts as a Fat Substitute in Cookiesสิรินาถ ตัณฑเกษม ; Ruangchai, Supang 
2005Using Remote Sensing to Estimate the Impact of Landuse Practices on Ecosystem Diversity: An Example in Southeastern Ontarioสุวรรณี อัศวกุลชัย ; Minns, D. ; Chan, A. 
2010Using System-Dynamics-Based simulations for HIV/AIDs Prevalence in ThailandYingchareonthana, S. ; Pongwattana, T. ; Rubsrisuksakul, C. ; SaeLim, S. ; สุวรรณี อัศวกุลชัย 
2010Using Technology and English in Accounting Subjects Case Study: Principles of Accountingอรพิน เหล่าประเสริฐ 
2008Using the McKinsey 7-S Model for the Strategy Formulation and Implementation: Case Study in Ceramic Industry in Thailandสุวรรณี อัศวกุลชัย ; ประทานพร โสภาจิตต์วัฒนะ ; กาญจนา กาญจนสุนทร 
2012Using WEB-EDI to Transfer Business DocumentsSatjawisate, Saiphit 
2010Utilizing ontologies using ontology editor for creating initial unified modeling language (UML) object modelSiricharoen, W.V. 
2012Value added to Nan Province's Watermark Flow Textile Exports with the Fairtrade LabelPonanake, Pareeyawadee 
2013Value Chain Management for Increasing Value of Exportsin Lower Northeastern ThailandIttichinbanchon, Nontaya 
2010Value relevance and components of deferred tax assets and liabilities: Evidence from the listed companies on SET 100 in ThailandAcaranupong, Kittima 
2012Vehicular separation by thermal features' relative angle for nighttime trafficอภิวัฒน์ แสงโนรี 
2012Vehicular Separation by Thermal Features’ Relative Angle for Nighttime Trafficอภิวัฒน์ แสงโนรี 
2012Village economic accounts: Real and financial intertwinedPaweenawat, A. ; Townsend, R.M. 
2016Volatile components and sensory characteristics of Thai traditional fermented shrimp pastes during fermentation periodsKleekayai, T. ; Pinitklang, S. ; Laohakunjit, N. ; Suntornsuk, W. 
2015Volatility estimation of underlying assets for valuing low liquidity call optionsManowattanakul, R. ; Boonvorachote, T. 
2012Volunteer Spirit: A Way to Develop Self-Esteemดุลยา จิตตะยโศธร