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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Sufficiency Economy: Opening of the Social Space with Discourse Analysisพนารัช ปรีดากรณ์ ; Wongsuwan, Nared 
2007Sufficiency Economy: The Solution for Key Success in Supply Chain ManagementTongkaew, Santi 
2007Supplier involvement in Collaborative Product Development ProcessHajizamanali, Shabnam ; Hin, Chai Kah 
2011Supply Chain Development Strategies for Clothing Business in Thailand: A Case Study of Pupae Store, Bobae TowerPhanthongkham, Wittayarak 
2007Supply Chain Development Through Project ManagementPolychronakis, Yiannis E. ; Syntetos, Aris A. 
2011Supply Chain Management cost analysis: A case study of bioethanol production from cassava in ThailandDiopenes, R.G. ; อังกูร ลาภธเนศ 
2007Supply Chain Management for Enhanced Competition in Dragon Fruits BusinessKhumphant, Thanongsak ; วันชัย รัตนวงษ์ 
2007Supply Chain Management Problems: A Reviewรจนาฎ ไกรปัญญาพงศ์ ; Shayan, E. ; Ghotb, F. 
2007Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) in the Indonesian Manufacturing Companies: Survey from Manager's PerspectivesVanany, Iwan ; Zailani, Suhaiza ; Rusdiansyah, Ahmad 
2007Supply Chain Risk Management: Literature Review and Future ResearchVanany, Iwan ; Zailani, Suhaiza ; Pujawan, I. Nyoman 
2007Supply Chain Strategies for E-Commerce Retailers: Example of the Online Grocery IndustryApte, Uday M. 
2007Supply Chains in Emergency Conditions: A Case Study of the Asian TsunamiBeresford, AKC ; Pettit, SJ 
2007Supply Management Problems: A Reviewรจนาฎ ไกรปัญญาพงศ์ ; Shayan, E. ; Ghotb, F. 
2009Surface cleaning of metal wire by atmospheric pressure plasmaNakamura, T. ; Buttapeng, C. ; Furuya, S. ; Harada, N. 
2014A Survey on Career Skills Required by Current Business SectorPanuchart Bunyakiati ; Leecharoen, Benjawan 
2014A Survey on Internet Usage Behaviors in BangkokPanuchart Bunyakiati ; Leecharoen, Benjawan 
2014A Survey on Online Social Networking Usage BehaviorsPanuchart Bunyakiati ; Leecharoen, Benjawan 
2014A Survey on the Usage of Online Social NetworkingPanuchart Bunyakiati ; Leecharoen, Benjawan 
2008Sustainable Industrial Development Strategyเสาวนิตย์ จันทนโรจน์ 
2012Syneresis and texture stability of hydrogel complexes containing konjac flour over multiple freezethaw cyclesอดิศักดิ์ เอกโสวรรณ